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Coraline is a 2009 American stop-motion 3-D horror-fantasy film based on Neil Gaiman's 2002 novel of the same name about a young girl who finds a secret door into another world, which at first seems to be a much better version of her life, but things soon turn dangerous.

Directed by Henry Selick. Written by Henry Selick (screenplay) and Neil Gaiman (book).
Be Careful What You Wish For.(taglines)

Other Mother[edit]

  • I thought we'd play a game.
  • Dearest Coraline, Miss Spink and Miss Forcible have invited you downstairs after lunch. I hope you like the new outfit I made you. Love, Mother.
  • They say even the proudest spirit can be broken, with love.
  • Is that any way to talk to your mother?
  • You may come out when you've learned to be a loving daughter.
  • Coraline, how dare you disobey your mother!?
  • Darling, why would you run away from me?
  • You know I love you.
  • You're wrong, Coraline. They aren't there. Now you're going to stay here forever.
  • No! Where are you?! YOU SELFISH BRAT!
  • YOU DARE DISOBEY YOUR MOTHER!? [Coraline kicks her in the face]


  • Cat: You probably think this world is a dream come true... but you're wrong.
  • Dragonflies: What's wrong, Coraline! Don't you wanna play!
  • Octopus Toy: Yeah! I wanna hug your face!
  • Giraffe Toy: Get a grip, soldier!
  • Friends and the Photo: Hey! Where's your buttons, Loper! You wanna stay, don't ya!
  • First Ghost Boy: Bless you, miss. You found me! But there's two eyes still lost.
  • Tall Ghost Girl: Hurry on, girl. Her web is unwinding.
  • Sweet Ghost Girl: Be clever, Miss. Even if you win, she'll never let you go.


Coraline: I almost fell down a well yesterday, Mom.
Mel: [unconcerned] Uh-huh.
Coraline: I could've died.
Mel: That's nice.
Coraline: Hmm. So, can I go out? I think it's perfect weather for gardening.
Mel: No, Coraline. Rain makes mud. Mud makes a mess.
Coraline: But, Mom, I want stuff growing when my friends come to visit. Isn't that why we moved here?
Mel: Something like that. But then we had the accident.
Coraline: It wasn't my fault you hit that truck.
Mel: I never said it was.
Coraline: I can't believe it. You and Dad get paid to write about plants, and you hate dirt.
Mel: Coraline, I don't have time for you right now, and you still have unpacking to do. Lots of unpacking.
Coraline: [sarcastically] That sounds exciting.

Coraline: [slides her dinner plate away from her] Why don't you ever cook, Mom?
Mel: Coraline, we've been through this before. You dad cooks, I clean, and you stay out of the way. I swear I'll go food shopping soon as we finish the catalog. [slides Coraline's dinner plate back to her] Try some of the chard. You need a vegetable.
Coraline: It looks more like slime to me.
Charlie: Well, it's slime or bedtime, fuss pot. Now what's it's gonna be?
Coraline: [to her doll-self] Think they're trying to poison me?

Mr. Bobinsky: Hey, Caroline! [speaking Russian] Wait! The mice asked me to give you message.
Coraline: The jumping mice?
Mr. Bobinsky: They are saying, "Do not go through little door." Do you know such a thing?
Coraline: The one behind the wallpaper? But it's all bricked up.
Mr. Bobinsky: Ah. So sorry, is nothing. Sometimes mice are little mixed up. They even get your name wrong, you know? They call you "Coraline" instead of "Caroline." Not "Caroline" at all! Maybe I work them too hard.

April: Miriam, really, you're holding it wrong. See? Danger.
Coraline: What do you see?
April: I see a very peculiar hand.
Miriam: I see a giraffe.
April: Giraffes don't just fall from the sky, Miriam.

Other Forcible: What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason!
Other Spink: How infinite in faculty! In form and moving, how express and admirable!
Other Forcible: In action, like an angel!
Other Spink: In apprehension, how like a god!
Other Forcible: [pulls Coraline out of her seat as she screams] The beauty of the world!
Other Spink: The paragon of animals!

Other Mother: They say even the proudest spirit can be broken with love. [A bug chair scoops up Coraline and brings her to her] Of course, chocolate never hurts. [takes a candy box from the servant bug, opens it, revealing nine Cocoa Beetles] Like one? They're Cocoa Beetles from Zanzibar. [takes a beetle out of the box and bites the head off, making Coraline feel grossed out]
Coraline: I want to be with my real mom and dad. I want you to let me go!
Other Mother: [throws her Cocoa Beetle away] Is that any way to talk to your mother?
Coraline: [angrily] You aren't my mother.
Other Mother: [sternly] Apologize at [stares deadly at her, sharply] once, Coraline!
Coraline: [stares back at her, angrily] NO!
Other Mother: I'll give you to the count of three. One... [starts growing taller] Two... [grows a little more taller and a little scarier] THREE!!! [grabs Coraline by the nose and drags her into the hallway]
Coraline: Ow! What are you doing!? Ow! That hurts!
Other Mother: [pulls Coraline down the hallway to the mirror and shoves her through it] You may come out when you've learned to be a LOVING DAUGHTER.

Coraline: The doll's her spy. It's how she watches you, finds out what's wrong with your life.
Wybie: The doll is my grandma's spy?
Coraline: No. The other mother. She's got this whole world where everything better. The food, the garden, the NEIGHBORS. But's it's all a TRAP.

Coraline: You creep!
Wybie: Crazy!

April: [handing Coraline a seeing stone] There you go, sweetie.
Coraline: What's it for?
April: Well, it might help. They're good for bad things sometimes.
Miriam: No. They're good for lost things.
April: It's bad things, Miriam.
Miriam: Lost things, April.
April: Bad.
Miriam: Lost.
April: [whispers] Bad things.
Miriam: Lost.
April: Bad.
Miriam: Lost.
April: Bad.
Miriam: Lost.
April: Bad.
Miriam: Lost!

Coraline: Why steal this? (Coraline can be look the ghost eye of frozen ice on garden) Wow! (They can be see first ghost eye on red mobile driver) This must be it!

(Mantis turn on the engine as glove hand other father piano turn into the pumpkin coraline can be see bright)

Other Father: Sorry, did you say "Sorry".

(Other father control glove hand start engine on mantis to the smash attacking coraline as she jump away)

Other Father: I'm so sorry. Mother making me. I don't wanna hurt you!

(Mantis smash down the bridge break apart other father break the glove hand free the left hand and break the mobile drive to grab it)

Other Father: (Last words) TAKE IT!

(Coraline rush to get first ghost eye mobile driver and other father mantis was fall into the water and garden turn to stone)

First Ghost Boy: Bless you, miss. You found me! But there's two eyes still lost.
Coraline: Don't worry. I'm getting the hang of it.

(Coraline picks up the flashlight to search a finding ghost eye as they can be see up there dog turn bat sensitive as they turn on the light as Coraline climbed on the stage and look to second ghost eye inside the candy as they can see it throw in there as Coraline put the flashlight in purse and she grab her out the taffy hand as Coraline open the hand can be see the second ghost eye was in the pearl)

Coraline: The pearl.

(takes it but she grab her as Coraline screams when a twisted taffy monster of Spink and Forcible comes to life as the candy)

Other Forcible Monster: Thief! Give it back! Give it back! Thief!
Other Spink Monster: Give it back!
Other Forcible Monster: Thief! Give it back! Thief! Thief! Give it back! Thief!

(Coraline get a flashlight to wake bat sensitive dog up)

Other Forcible: Give it back! Thief!
Other Spink: Give it back! Thief!

(Coraline throw the flashlight and wake bat sensitive dog and flying wing to attack her)

Other Taffy Monsters: Thief! Stop! Stop! Thief!

(Coraline dodge and bat sensitive dog flying through and destroy taffy monster)

Other Taffy Forcible: (Last words) Thief! Stop!

(Coraline got a second ghost eye and free the hand as taffy monster and the bats turn into the stone thanks to Coraline's success for the second eye)

Tall Ghost Girl: Hurry on, girl. Her web is unwinding.

Other Bobinsky: (Pops behind Coraline) Hello, galoobooshka.
Coraline: I'm Coraline.
Other Bobinsky: Is this what you're looking for? (Rolls out the third eye out of his sleeve)
Coraline: Uh-huh.
Other Bobinsky: You think winning game is good thing? You'll just go home and be bored and neglected, same as always. Stay here with us. We will listen to you and laugh with you. (Falls out of wood beam and rolls into the circus tent as Coraline follows him) If you stay here, you can have whatever you want. Always!
Coraline: You don't get it, do you?
Other Bobinsky: I don't understand.
Coraline: Of course you don't understand. You're just a copy she made of the real Mr. B.
Other Bobinsky: (Last words) Not even that anymore. (Coraline takes off his hat to reveal rats inside his clothes)

(Coraline can be see the cat and she caught mouse on last ghost ball)
Cat: I think I mentioned that I don't like rats at the best of times.
Coraline: I think you might have said something like that.
Cat: It looked like you need this one, however.
Coraline: Thank you.
(Coraline picks it up on the last ghost eye which causes the other house and the rest of the world into stone)
Coraline: I'm heading inside. I still have to find my parents.
(Full eye button moon was last and now they have freezing apart other world falling and destruction and the other world was falling apart)
Coraline: Come on, quickly!

Other Mother:'re back. And you brought vermin with you.
Coraline: No I brought a friend.
Other Mother: You know I love you.
Coraline: Well you have a very funny way of showing it.
Other Mother: So where are they? The ghost eyes?
Coraline: Hold on. We aren't finished yet. Are we?
Other Mother: No, I suppose not. After all, you still need to find your old parents, don't you? Too bad you won't have this. (throw's the seeing stone in the fireplace and it melts)
Sweet Ghost Girl: Be clever, miss. Even if you win, she'll never let you go!
Coraline: I already know where you've hidden them.
Other Mother: Well, produce them.
Coraline: They're behind that door.
Other Mother: Oh, they are, are they?


  • Be Careful What You Wish For.
  • An Adventure Too Weird For Words.
  • Oh. My. God.


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