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In 1968, Don Freeman created the children's picture book, Corduroy.

Corduroy is a Canadian-Chinese animated children's TV series based on Don Freeman's 1968 children's book Corduroy and its 1978 follow-up A Pocket for Corduroy. It originally aired for one season on Canadian TVOKids and U.S. PBS Kids' Bookworm Bunch in 2000, before it got cancelled along with Elliot Moose. The show consists of 26 10-minute stories, which were broadcast in pairs as 13 21-minute episodes.


Lost and Found / Going Up [1.1][edit]

[first lines of the series]
Lisa: I'll read these books to you when we get home, okay, Corduroy?
Corduroy: [thinking] Okay.
Lisa: I can carry it.
Lisa's Mom: You sure now?
Lisa: Uh-huh.
[Lisa's Mom gives Lisa the blue bag with library books as they leave the library]

[After Lisa looses Corduroy on the subway train, Corduroy sits on the man's head]
Corduroy: [thinking] I must be lost. [the subway goes far away from the station] Oh no, I must be going into a very deep tunnel. I'll be lost forever.
[In Corduroy's imagination, Corduroy looks for Lisa]
Corduroy: Lisa? Lisa? I don't want to be lost forever. [Corduroy spots a women wearing a red shirt] Yeah! We can leave the tunnel and go...
[The women turns to Corduroy and smiles happily at him]
Corduroy: [gasps; sadly] You're not Lisa.
[Corduroy has a sad expression as he walks away from the women. back in realty]
Corduroy: [thinking] If I'm lost, What should I do to get found? If Lisa was here, She know what to do.

[while Lisa heads to the lost and found station, She believes that Corduroy wouldn't be here]
Lisa: What if Corduroy's not there? [In Lisa's imagination, a responsible girl holds Corduroy] What if Corduroy's been found by a responsible girl with a bigger, nicer, knapsack?
[Corduroy sits on the responsible girl's knapsack. back in realty]
Lisa: [pants] Five more minutes before they close!
[Lisa opens the door and sees children's lost toys]
Employer: Hello. Can I help you?
Lisa: [talking fast] My toy bear Corduroy, I left him behind in the subway car. Corduroy's my responsibility. I should have been keeping an eye on him. [sadly] But I was too...
[Lisa's Mom enters the lost and found station]
Lisa's Mom: We're looking for a brown bear dressed in green corduroy overalls.
Employer: I'll have a look.
[She went to find Corduroy. Lisa's Mom holds Lisa's shoulder]
Employer: I'm sorry. I don't see a (brown) bear with (green) corduroy overalls. Maybe you'd like to come back tomorrow.

[Lisa and Corduroy arrives to an elevator that is completely out of order]
Corduroy: What does the sign say?
Lisa: [reading the out of order sign] "Out of order. Please use stairs. Sorry for any in... incon..."
Pandro: [helping Lisa with the spelling] "Inconvenience."
Lisa: Sorry for any inconvenience."
Pandro: [chuckles] I am the one who should be sorry.
Lisa: Sorry for what?
Pandro: You're going to have to use the stairs, Lisa. We're doing a safely check on the elevator.
Lisa: That's okay. See you, Pandro. [races down the stairs]

Good Night Corduroy / Soap Flakes [1.2][edit]

[Lisa went to gets a glass of water for Corduroy after he shares the request to her of being thirsty. Lisa's mom sees Lisa still up as she is in the bathroom getting water. She sees it and wonders why Lisa is still awake]
Lisa's Mom: You are still up?
Lisa: I am just getting a drink of water, Mom.
Lisa's Mom: Okay. But back to bed. [knows that Lisa has school tomorrow and therefore it has turned out to be a school night] It is a school day tomorrow.

Corduroy: There. [turns off the sink tap] No more drip, drip, dripping.
Lisa: And no more play, play, playing, Corduroy.

Lisa: [singing to Corduroy a lullaby; tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"] ♪ Listen Cordy, don't be scared. ♪
♪ I'll make those nightmares disappear. ♪
♪ We'll turn down the blankets. ♪
♪ And we'll them down just right. ♪
♪ Turn to each other and say ♪ [yawns]
♪ "Good night". ♪
Corduroy: Good night, Lisa. [falls fast asleep]
Lisa: Good night, Corduroy.
[Lisa went back to bed and turn off the light as the episode ends]

[In Corduroy and Buckaroo's imagination, they're both going on a snow ride in the north pole. They pretend it by using the dust pan in the linen closet]
Buckaroo: ♪ Snowflakes ♪
♪ Riding through the snowflakes ♪
Corduroy: Giddy up!
[Buckaroo keeps riding through the snow. Back in reality, Lisa comes home and looks into the messy linen closet caused by Corduroy and Buckaroo who are still playing in it]
Lisa: [gasps] Corduroy, Buckaroo! [finds them playing in the linen closet with the linen things] What a mess! What happened?
Corduroy and Buckaroo: Ummm…! Uh...!
Lisa: [to Corduroy and Buckaroo about the mess] "Ummm…!", what? Come on, you two. Help me clean this up. [picks up a paper roll] Boy, someone's going to be in big trouble. Bath towels need refolding, the toilet paper need rerolling.
[As Corduroy and Buckaroo are helping Lisa clean up the linen room as they've made the mess in the linen room, Buckaroo puts the towel back on the shelf and picks up the dust pan and hangs it back up]
Buckaroo: Tell Lisa that we made the mess.
Corduroy: She is going to get mad.
Buckaroo: Ooh...! But we HAVE to tell her.
Lisa: [putting the laundry soap into the laundry soap box] Come on, help me! Mom is going to be coming home any minute now.
Corduroy: [whispers through Buckaroo's ear] What if we make up a story?
Buckaroo: You mean lie? Oh, I don't know. That doesn't sound right.

[Kit watches the rain while Corduroy put the cat dish to the kitchen]
Corduroy: Sorry I got you into trouble, Kit. [Kit has a happy expression] I'd be mad at me too.
[Corduroy walks away sadly as Kit follows him]
Corduroy: I'm sorry, I'll never lie about anything again. Promise.
[Corduroy and Kit walk to the sofa]
Corduroy: Tomorrow we'll go exploring. Or hide and seek is good. We could draw or maybe walk around the neighborhood. Or we could just sit and... [yawns] ...think.
[Corduroy falls asleep and Lisa watches Corduroy and Kit sleep on the sofa as the episode ends]

Ice Dream / Special Delivery [1.3][edit]

[In Corduroy's imagination, Corduroy walks past a sign that leads to the north pole]
Corduroy: The north pole must be very cold or else all this ice cream will melt. [He sees the giant ice cream cones] Ice cream cones, ice cream sundaes, ice cream floats. Mmm. This must be a dream. I'm dreaming of ice cream.

Lisa's Mom: [about a proper winter snack even though Lisa is thinking about a summer snack which is ice cream] Lisa, really, a mug of hot cocoa makes more sense (for winter).

[In Corduroy's imagination, Corduroy and Rosetta rides on Buckaroo while delivering the mail. Corduroy throws letters to the neighborhood and one letter lands on the sidewalk and Kit looks at the letter. Corduroy throws a letter to the ice cream lady and she catches it]
Buckaroo: Everyone looks happy.
[Corduroy throws more letters]
Rosetta: It means someone is thinking about you.
[Corduroy as a mailman throws one of the letters and a women picks it up and opens it. Corduroy, Rosetta and Buckaroo as mail carriers arrive at Lisa's school and Lisa is doing math inside]
Corduroy: I can't wait to give Lisa her special delivery.

Mrs. Cho: [about Lisa's toys; Corduroy, Rosetta, and Buckaroo] I think Lisa forgot her toys. They were in the elevator.
Lisa's Mom: But, the last time I looked, they were right there. [laughs] It is not as if they can walk out on their own. [picks up the toys]

Clean Up / Music Lesson [1.4][edit]

Lisa: Wouldn't it be great, Cordy, if we got the pond so clean, even we could swim in it?
Rosetta: [pops out of Corduroy's overalls and reminds him to take her out of his pocket before swimming] Just remember to take me out of your pocket before you do any swimming. [went back into Corduroy's overalls]
Corduroy: I will, Rosetta.
Lisa: And we'll have to make sure you're wearing your water wings, Cordy. [sighs] I could just see it. The pond will look the best ever.
[In Lisa and Corduroy's imagination, The pond looks shiny clean and the animals like frogs, dragonflies and ducks are enjoying their clean home. The camera zooms over to Lisa and Corduroy who were swimming in the pond]
Lisa and Corduroy: [laughing]
[A mallard and his ducklings swim past Lisa and Corduroy]
Corduroy: I must be swimming. I've always wanted to swim. [to a duckling] Just like you! Quack, quack.
[A duckling swims around Lisa]
Lisa: [laughs] Quack, quack, cheep, cheep.
[A duckling swims back to Corduroy]
Corduroy: [laughs] They have water wings just like us!
[They both begin to laugh as the duckling flaps his wings]

[Lisa and Corduroy looks the clean pond while Moppy goes fishing. He picks ups some pieces of trail mix and eats it. Lisa eats trail mix too and the ducklings arrived]
Corduroy: [thinking] Looks like we made some new friends.
Lisa: [off-screen] Yeah.
Corduroy: [thinking] The pond is so clean. Can we go swimming now?
Lisa: I think we better stick to sharing our snacks with the ducks for now, Cordy.
[The camera zooms out of the clean pond as the episode ends]

[Corduroy and Rosetta gets the radio out of Lisa's bed]
Rosetta: Voila! I told you there was a radio under there.
Corduroy: Was it hiding, Rosetta?
Rosetta: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Lisa must have forgotten it. But now we have found it, alors. [turns her back and then tries to turn on the radio] Oh. Oh! [shakes her head] Ahem. Corduroy? A winding, if you please.
[Corduroy picks up Rosetta and winds her up turning her wind up key. He puts Rosetta down and Rosetta pushes a button on the radio and the orchestra music plays. Now Corduroy and Rosetta are dancing to the music]
Corduroy: [while dancing to the music] This must be a concert. I've always wanted to go to a concert.
[In Corduroy's imagination, Corduroy is the music conductor and he gives the orchestra band some wonderful music. A lady plays a tuba, Seven men plays the bass, A women and her husband plays the flute and a brown man plays the trumpet. Corduroy keeps playing some wonderful music. Back in reality, Lisa comes home and turns off the radio causing Corduroy and Rosetta to stop dancing]
Corduroy: [finds out why Lisa turns off the music] Why has the music stopped?
Rosetta: Lisa, you turned off the radio.
Lisa: There's much better music to listen to.
Corduroy: I like that music.
Lisa: No, this music is much better, Corduroy. Trust me. [turns on her other radio but makes jazzy music] Ew! [changes the radio channel but makes country music this time] Ew, yuck! [one radio channel has piano music] Uh-uh. [founds a radio channel that has dance music] There, that's more like it. [shakes her head]
Corduroy: But why do we have to like only one kind of music?
Rosetta: [about the same music Lisa likes] You mean, why do we have to likes only the same music Lisa likes?
Lisa: That's not true. Oh, go ahead. [gives Corduroy the radio] Listen to what you want.

Ship Ahoy / Help Wanted [1.5][edit]

Moppy: ♪ Row, row, row your boat, ♪
♪ Gently down the stream. ♪
♪ Merrily, merrily... ♪
[Moppy stops pulling the toy boat]
Moppy: Huh?
[Moppy sees a girl playing her electronic motor boat. The electronic motor boat drives fast through the water while a girl controls it with a remote control]
Moppy: Hey, cool! [ties the end of the rope to a rock] Be right back, Corduroy.
[Corduroy watches Moppy runs to a girl and then sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"]
Corduroy: [while shaking Moppy's boat] ♪ Row, row, row your boat, ♪
♪ Gently down the stream. ♪
♪ Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, ♪
♪ Life is but a dream. ♪
♪ Row, row, row your boat, ♪
♪ Gently down the stream. ♪
♪ Merrily, merrily... ♪
[Suddenly, the knot becomes lose and Corduroy floats away on Moppy's boat]
Corduroy: I must be floating away.

[Corduroy is still floating away on Moppy's boat and looks excited. He looks at the refection of himself until four grey fish appeared]
Corduroy: Hi, fishies! I don't have any food for you. We haven't had our picnic yet!
[The four grey fishes dived into the water and Corduroy looks at the view of the park]
Corduroy: The pond must be taking me somewhere. I wonder where I'm going. [the flying disc lands on the water and the golden retriever swims through the water, picks ups the flying disc and swam back to shore] Ohh!
[The golden retriever shakes off all the water]
Lady: Ahh!
Corduroy: Whew! That must have been a wave. A really big wave!
[The lady throws the flying disc and the golden retriever runs after it. The black haired man and his daughter are wearing life jackets on the boat]
Corduroy: Maybe I should wear a life jacket too, just in case. There's one on the boat. [founds a floatie] Here it is! [takes the floatie and puts it on] That's better.
[Moppy's toy boat floats in the middle of the pond]

[Lisa and Corduroy are washing their hands in the kitchen]
Lisa: We have to clean our hands and paws before we start!
[Lisa accidentally squirts water on Corduroy]
Corduroy: [laughs] Hey!
Lisa: [giggles] Oops!

Lisa: Okay! This is going to be great!
Corduroy: [off-screen] What's that?
Lisa: It's Lisa's Lip-Smacking Lemonade. [smacks her lips]
Corduroy: [while Lisa adds sugar to the lemonade] Maybe you should measure the sugar before you put it in.
Lisa: Ohh! What's one or two spoons, huh?
Corduroy: That's looks like a lot of sugar!
Lisa: Now, here we've got some leftover macaroni, [dumps the uncook macaroni into the bowl] so I'm going to make a pasta salad. But first, I have to make the dressing.
[Lisa takes the soy sauce, the vinegar and the other dressing out of the shelf]
Lisa: [off-screen] Okay, vineger [pows the drop of vineger into the bowl] Soy sauce, [pows the drop of soy sauce into the bowl] Oh, Mom's favorite, hot peppers! [put the hot peppers into the bowl and then the coconut and the chocolate chips] Uh, coconut, chocolate chips. Hmm, prune juice. [on-screen] Never tried that before, but I bet it's really good. [pows the drop of prune juice into the bowl]

Flight of Fancy / 1 + 1 = 2 [1.6][edit]

[In Corduroy's imagination, A bird fly through the sky]
Corduroy: Hi there, Mr. Birdie. [The bird flies away and Corduroy rides on the kite] Whee! Here I go!
[Corduroy flies his kite as a helicopter flies past]
Corduroy: Hi! Look at me, I'm flying!
[Corduroy flies past buildings. Three men tries to put the roof on top]
Corduroy: One, two, three, pull! [The roof is now on top] Yeah! There you go! Into the clouds I go! Wait till I tell Lisa!

[Lisa and Moppy's kite crash together]
Lisa and Moppy: [gasp]
[The broken kites fall into the tree]
Moppy: Look what you did!
Lisa: Me? Your kite bumped into mine!
Moppy: It did not!
Lisa: Did too!
Moppy: Did not!
Lisa: Did too!
Moppy: Did not!
Corduroy: Uh oh, Looks like big trouble.

[In Lisa and Corduroy's imagination, They meet Stegosaurus again and this time he's perfect]
Stegosaurus: Hello, again!
Corduroy: Are you still wobbly?
Stegosaurus: Nope! See? [shows his perfect parts]
Lisa: Are you still cold?
Stegosaurus: Not anymore. Feel my skin! So soft and warm! [Lisa and Corduroy feels Stegosaurus' skin and Stegosaurus begin to laugh] That tickles! [off-screen] Would you like to hear me roar?
Corduroy: Sure! Go ahead!
[Stegosaurus roars loudly and the pterodactyl flock fly away]
Stegosaurus: [laughs] I can roar even louder If you like.
[Lisa and Corduroy look at each other]
Lisa: That's okay.
Stegosaurus: Maybe you like to go for a ride.
Corduroy: A ride?
Lisa: Sure!
Stegosaurus: Just watch out for my back and tail. They're pointy.
[Lisa and Corduroy hop on Stegosaurus' back and Stegosaurus walks away with Lisa and Corduroy]

Cute as a Button / Sleep Tight [1.7][edit]

Lisa: Mom, can I get new sneakers, please?
Lisa's Mom: Whatever for? Your (old) sneakers are still in good shape.
Lisa: [jealous about Moppy's new sneakers] But they don't even compare to Moppy's. He got all this neat stuff on his sneakers. Mine are just so boring!
Lisa's Mom: [thinking Lisa is trying to follow the crowd after she saw Moppy's new sneakers] You shouldn't place so much weight with appearances. [thinks Lisa is better off not following the crowd] Your sneakers are perfectly fine.
Lisa: You mean perfectly plain!

[while Corduroy looks for his button, he enters the living room and he'll look for his button in here]
Corduroy: [looks under the couch] Ugh! Not under the sofa!
[Corduroy squeezes out of the couch and he is covered in grey dust. He wipes out all the dust using his paw]
Corduroy: Button, come out, come out, wherever you are! [sneezes]
[Corduroy wipes his nose using his paw]
Corduroy: There you are! [the camera pans in to the white checker piece] You're not my button. You're from Lisa's checker game.
[Corduroy walks to a red sofa to believe that he found his button]
Corduroy: [grunts; gasping] Why, here's my button! Here's lot of my buttons!
[Corduroy tries to pull out every single button on the sofa but they won't come off]
Corduroy: They're all tied down tight! Whoa! Oof!
[Corduroy crashes into a lamp and it falls down off-screen]

[In Corduroy's imagination, he went to a dark, cool cave until he meet a friendly bear]
Corduroy: Uh, hello?
Bear: [gasping] You're a bear!
Corduroy: Uh-huh! [gulps] You're not going to eat me, are you?
Bear: No, of course not. I thought you might like to sit and have some tea and muffins with me. [sighs sadly] Oh, it's because I look scary, isn't it?
Corduroy: Are you?
Bear: No! I'm perfectly nice! [off-screen] I've been practicing laughing and smiling, [on-screen] so if anyone came and visited me in my dark, cool cave, they wouldn't be afraid! But hardly anybody anybody ever comes to visit me. [growling] See why?
Corduroy: Uh-huh.
Bear: You don't think I look scary?
Corduroy: Well, at first I did. Talking to you, I know you're not scary. Not scary at all!
Bear: [looking at a refection of himself] What's inside is what counts, right?
Corduroy: [to Bear] That's right!

[Lisa went to her bedroom until she realizes Corduroy is having his own sleepover]
Lisa: [thinks Corduroy, Buckaroo, and Rosetta are in her room; though they had gone out to Lisa's tent] On second thought, maybe Cordy did want to have his own sleepover. Then maybe I shouldn't bother him. [yawns]
[Lisa turns her back to the bedroom door and went to the living room until she finds Corduroy, Rosetta, and Buckaroo in her tent]
Lisa: [off-screen; to Corduroy, Buckaroo, and Rosetta] What are you doing here?
Corduroy: We missed you!
Buckaroo: We couldn't get to sleep!
Rosetta: Je ne comprends pas! I do not understand! Even my singing did not help!
Lisa: Maybe you're just not ready to sleep on your own yet.
Corduroy, Rosetta, and Buckaroo: Mmm-hmm.
[Corduroy, Buckaroo and Rosetta nod as they are now part of Lisa's sleepover. Later, the scene cuts to where Lisa shows her toys the star constellations with her make believe planetarium. This is shown on the black sheet that she had showed Moppy. They are having a short time playing or "short use" with the planetarium to see the stars before bedtime]
Lisa: [showing Rosetta a constellation] Do you see that group of stars, Rosetta? [off-screen] That's Cassiopeia. But I think she looks more like a mouse.
[The nose on Cassiopeia's nose twinkles]
Rosetta: Did you hear that? I look just like a queen!
Lisa: [showing Buckaroo a constellation] Do you see that group of stars over there, Buckaroo? That's Pegasus the horse.
[Pegasus's right eye twinkles]
Buckaroo: [whinnying] I like that one!
Corduroy: Is there a bear anywhere?
Lisa: Actually, there are two bears. [off-screen] There's Ursa Minor, the little bear. And that one over there, that's Ursa Major, the big bear.
Corduroy: [about the bear constellations; Ursa Minor and Ursa Major] Some day, I'm going to be a big bear. Right, Lisa?
[Lisa puts the flashlight down, turns off the flashlight, and takes down the black sheet planetarium so everyone is led to go to bed]
Lisa: [tucks Corduroy into bed] You're already a big bear, Cordy.
Corduroy: Good night, Lisa.
Lisa: Sleep tight, Cordy.
[Lisa, Corduroy, Rosetta and Buckaroo are fallen fast asleep. Then the curtains closed the tent as the episode ends]

Toothache / Mop Top [1.8][edit]

[In Lisa's room, Corduroy is riding on Buckaroo]
Corduroy: Giddy up! [laughs]
[Lisa enters her room and finds Corduroy riding on Buckaroo]
Lisa: Corduroy? What are you doing?
Corduroy: I'm riding on Buckaroo! [then stops rocking Buckaroo]
Lisa: How many times have I told you not to rock so fast?
Buckaroo: [sighs; tells Lisa about her warning about Corduroy not rocking him too fast] I've tried telling him (and he won't just listen).
Lisa: You're going to have to be more careful or else you're going to--ow--hurt yourself.
Corduroy: What's wrong?
Lisa: I have a toothache.
Corduroy: Can't you get it fixed?
Lisa: I think I'll wait for it to get better on it's own. [finds the library books] Oh, I left some books in the living room. Be right back, Cordy. Mom's taking us to the library. [leaves the room and close the door]
Corduroy: Okay, giddy up, Buckaroo!
Buckaroo: But Lisa said... Oh, all right.
Corduroy: Faster! You can do it! [falls off Buckaroo] Whoa! Ow!
Buckaroo: [to Corduroy] Are you all right?
Corduroy: I think I scratched my elbow. You aren't gonna tell Lisa are you?
Buckaroo: Hmm...

Corduroy: [off-screen] Lisa?
Lisa: Cordy, what happened?
Corduroy: [about how he fell off Buckaroo and scraped his elbow yesterday] I hurt it yesterday when I fell off Buckaroo. I was riding him to fast.
Lisa: You should have told me right away. [pick up Corduroy] Come on, I'll fix it up for you.
[In the bathroom, Lisa puts the bandage on Corduroy's scraped and cut elbow]
Lisa: There. How does it feel?
Corduroy: Much better. [hugs Lisa]
Lisa: Ow!
Corduroy: Sorry, I must have squeezed too hard.
Lisa: [to Corduroy while feeling her tooth] It's not your fault. It's my tooth.
Corduroy: Didn't get better on it's own?
Lisa: I was hoping it would but it's getting worse. It hurts when I eat something hot, and it hurts when I eat something cold, and it hurts when I laugh, and it hurts when I sleep. But now it even hurts when you hug me.
Corduroy: What are you going to do?
Lisa: [sadly] Something that I should have done a long time ago.
[Later, the scene cuts to where Lisa and Corduroy are in the living room with Lisa's mom. Lisa is going tell her mom the truth about her toothache]
Lisa's Mom: [to Lisa when she had not admitted the truth yet about her toothache and not yet had told her about it in the first place] Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Lisa: I would have but I was afraid of the giant needle.
Lisa Mom: The giant needle?
Lisa: It's this long!
Lisa's Mom: Mm, and where did you hear about this?
Lisa: Moppy.
Lisa's Mom: I'm pretty sure Moppy's exaggerating.
Lisa: Why would he do that?
Lisa's Mom: I know he didn't mean any harm. Sometimes when you worried about something your mind exaggerates things like the size of a needle.
Lisa: You mean it's not this big?
Lisa's Mom: More like this small. The needle is just meant to keep you from being uncomfortable. You can hardly feel it.
Lisa: And I'm not going to get my teeth pulled out either?
Lisa's Mom: Your teeth pulled out? Goodness, no. Who ever told you... [thinks that Lisa have heard that from Moppy] Let me guess.
[Lisa and her mom started to laugh]
Lisa and Lisa's Mom: Moppy [continue to laugh]
Lisa: Ow!

Dentist: There's no need to be nervous. I'm just going to take a picture of your teeth.
Lisa: I like getting my picture taken.
Corduroy: [thinking] Me too.
[In Lisa and Corduroy's first imagination, they're in a photo booth getting their picture taken]
Lisa: Not like that, Cordy. [giggles] Like this! [makes a funny face] Aaahhh.
[The camera from the booth takes a picture of Lisa and Corduroy making funny faces]

[In Lisa and Corduroy's second imagination, the waiter give Lisa plate of spaghetti and red sauce]
Lisa: It looks delicious.
Waiter: And for you, sir. Enjoy. [he leaves]
Corduroy: Mm! [slurps]
[Corduroy takes out a fork and eats a bit spaghetti and swallows it. He and Lisa laugh]

Art Smart / A Hot Day in the City [1.9][edit]

Corduroy: [trying to get Lisa to help him climb on the art piece.] Help me up, please.
[Lisa picks up Corduroy.]
Lisa: [knows the truth about the "HANDS OFF" signs; meaning "look but don't touch"] Sorry Cordy. No can do. [calls to Rosetta who is also playing on the art; she's swinging on the ropes] Come on down, Rosetta.
Rosetta: [believing the art gallery is closed] But the art gallery is closed today. No? So we have the whole place to ourselves!
Lisa: It is great that Mom is letting us wander around here while she is working. But those ropes are not for playing nor is this art.

Rosetta: That is not fair! Lisa can't love both my painting and Corduroy's sculpture at the same time. If only I was in a place where people could truly appreciate my art.
[In Rosetta's imagination, the people are looking at her paintings]
Man: [off-screen] Oh, Rosetta's colours!
Women: [off-screen] Her shapes!
Man and Women: [on-screen] Very, very nice!
Man #2: [off-screen] Rosetta's a very good artiste.
Women #2: [off-screen] Yes. But have you seen the bear's sculpture?
[Rosetta is shocked]
Rosetta: No! Corduroy's work is better than mine?! (Oh-no!)
[Rosetta watches the people leave as they to Corduroy's sculpture. She drives all the way to the top of the art work sees Corduroy's sculpture]
Rosetta: Ah!
Lisa's Mom: Notice the fine lines, the perfect shape. A magnificent piece of work. Outstanding.
[The people cheered and clapped for Corduroy as he yawns]
Lisa's Mom: Indeed, this sculpture by the artist Corduroy is this art gallery's greatest, most important masterpiece.
[Rosetta looks very shocked of Corduroy's sculpture]
Lisa: Don't you just love it?
[Rosetta has an unhappy expression]

[Lisa and Corduroy are in the playground trying to make the swings move]
Lisa: Do you want to ride the teeter totter, Cordy?
Corduroy: It too hot to play.
Lisa: I know. It's even hotter than yesterday. [huffs]
Corduroy: It's the hottest day ever.
[Lisa pulls out the grass and throws to see if the breeze is coming but it didn't came]
Lisa: There isn't even a breeze to cool us off.
Corduroy: My fur is making me even hotter.
Lisa: Let's go home, Cordy. It's air-conditioned there.
Corduroy: Will it be nice and cool?
Lisa: And on the way back, we can visit...
Corduroy: The sweet shop?

[Lisa comes home until she feel the hot heat from inside instead of the breeze from the air-conditioner]
Lisa: Huh?
Corduroy: [panting] I'm still hot.
Lisa: What's wrong with the air conditioning?
Lisa's Mom: It hasn't been working for most of the day.
Lisa: Can I go over to Moppy's to get cool?
Lisa's Mom: I'm afraid the air conditioning is broken down for the whole building. Pandro's trying to fix it.
[Lisa puts down her knapsack down to the floor and puts Corduroy on the sofa's handle]
Lisa: Can we go to the beach?
Lisa's Mom: Sorry. The beach is quite a distance away, hon. By the time we get there, it'll be evening.
Lisa: Oh...

[In Lisa and Corduroy's imagination, they're at the beach and they both finished the sandcastle]
Lisa: A castle fit for a king.
Corduroy: Someday I want to be a king.
Lisa: Well, King Corduroy, do you want to go beachcombing?
Corduroy: Beachcombing? (What's beachcombing?)
Lisa: We'll look for seashells and other neat stuff (along the way).
Corduroy: You mean like a treasure hunt?
Lisa: [off-screen] Sort of. [on-screen] Come on.
[Corduroy follows Lisa. Lisa and Corduroy's footprints are shown on the sand as Lisa and Corduroy went to collect seashells. as Corduroy puts shells into the bucket, he sees a conch shell laying on the beach]
Corduroy: [to Lisa when he finds a conch shell] Look!
[The camera zooms in to a conch shell. Corduroy runs through the beach and picks the conch shell with his paws]
Lisa: Wow, that's a real big one. Try blowing it.
[Corduroy blows on the conch shell making a "very" long note]
Corduroy: Whoa! What more could a bear ask for?
Lisa: [sees another shell in the distance] Look how pretty that shell is.
[Another shell lays on the sandy beach. Corduroy touches the shell and it started to move]
Corduroy: [laughs as he fell backwards] Hey! [laughing] This one moves.
[A hermit crab (who is inside the shell) continues to crawl through the sandy beach until Lisa picks him up and she looks inside his shell]
Lisa: It's a hermit crab.
[The hermit crab comes out of his shell with a grumpy expression]
Lisa: See? He's hiding.
Corduroy: He doesn't look very happy (today).
Lisa: I think he looks kind of crabby.
[Lisa and Corduroy begin to laugh with joy. Then Lisa put the hermit crab on the sandy beach and the hermit crab crawls away from Lisa and Corduroy so he can join in the other crabs]
Corduroy: [off-screen] Whoa, it's a whole bunch of crabbies!
[Lisa and Corduroy started laughing again as the hermit crab went into the ocean. Suddenly, a baby sea turtle pops out of the sand after it hatched out from an egg]
Lisa: [off-screen] Look, Corduroy. It's a baby (sea) turtle.
[The baby sea turtle crawls to the ocean]
Corduroy: [off-screen] Where's it going?
Lisa: Into the ocean. That's where it's going to grow up.
Corduroy: [to Lisa as he watches the baby sea turtle goes into the ocean] Someday, I want to look inside the ocean and find out what else lives there.
Lisa: I'd like that, too. Feel that ocean breeze?
[Lisa and Corduroy sigh together]
Corduroy: It's so nice and cool.

Yours, Mine and Ours / Say Cheese [1.10][edit]

Lisa: [takes her mother's picture with the camera; her mother is folding clothes while having curlers and face cream on] Say "cheese"! [taunts her mother] Got ya! [laughs]
Lisa's Mom: Lisa! You just scared the daylights out of me!

Once, Twice, Ice / Sticks and Stones [1.11][edit]

Moppy: You don't want it anyway. All you talk about is pizza!
Lisa: Sloppy Toppy!
Moppy: [calls Lisa a name back] Lisa Pizza!
Lisa: What did you just call me?
Moppy: Lisa Pizza, Lisa Pizza, L-iiisa Pizzzaaa!
[Lisa looks rather upset after Moppy calls "Lisa Pizza". In Lisa's room, Corduroy is still trying to pull Buckaroo with a rope because Buckaroo's rockers can't move]
Corduroy: [after trying his best to make Buckaroo move again] Not again!
Buckaroo: Mmm. [sees his rockers who are still stuck] I can't help it if my rockers are stuck.
Corduroy: I guess that's 'cause you're, Stuckaroo! [laughing]
Buckaroo: That's, Buckaroo.
Corduroy: Buckaroo the Stuckaroo, his legs and feet are made of glue!
Buckaroo: Well, you're, you're, [calls Corduroy a name back] you're a Boo Boo Head!
[Corduroy then stops laughing and let's out a gasp after what Buckaroo have called him]

Moppy: Lisa Pizza? Smile for the camera. Say "cheese"! Get it? Pizza? Cheese...?

Lisa: [crying because Moppy called her a bad name; which was "Lisa Pizza"] I don't like being called "Lisa Pizza".
Lisa's Mom: I know hon.

Super Duper Market / Party Plans [1.12][edit]

Finder's Keepers / Between the Covers [1.13][edit]

Lisa's Mom: [refers to the first episode of the TV series; Lost and Found] How would you have felt if the train conductor started to keep Corduroy for himself?
Lisa: I guess you are right, Mom.
Lisa's Mom: [about J.R] Let's check J.R's collar again. Sometimes an owner might put some identification on the other side of a pet's tag. [checks the other side of J.R's tag] Here we go. A phone number.

[In Lisa's room, Lisa is reading the last lines of the story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"; a story from her library book]
Lisa: [reading] And Baby Bear, he said, "Somebody's been sleeping in my bed! And she still is!". Goldilocks, she woke up at once. And she saw three bears all staring down at her. "AAAAH!", screamed Goldilocks. She jumped out of Baby Bear's bed and ran out the door. And she never was seen again. Papa Bear and Mama Bear spooned some of the leftover porridge into Baby Bear's empty bowl. And they all sat down to breakfast. Then everything was just right.
Corduroy: The end.
[Lisa closes the book at looks at her cookies. She finds her cookies almost all gone.]
Lisa: [pretends to be like Baby Bear] Hey! Somebody has been eating my cookies!
Corduroy: I wonder who did that!
Lisa: [pretends to be like Baby Bear] Somebody has been drinking my milk! And there is hardly any left!
Corduroy: [he has pretended to be Goldilocks when he ate up Lisa's cookies and drank up her milk] It's just like in "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".
Lisa: It is "Lisa-Locks and the Cordy Bear".


  • Asa Perlman as Corduroy, Lisa's stuffed bear
  • Alesha Morrison as Lisa, Corduroy's owner and friend
  • Camille James as Lisa's Mom
  • Diane Fabian as Rosetta, the toy mouse
  • Len Carlson as Buckaroo, the rocking horse
  • Jake Goldsbie as Marty "Moppy", Lisa's friend

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