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Cornelius Sim (16 September 1951 – 29 May 2021) was a prelate of the Catholic Church who served as Vicar Apostolic of Brunei from 2004 until his death.


  • I have served the little Church in Brunei, and I can do the same for the Church in Asia. We always have to remember that we are called to be people who have received the incredible invitation to be the Lord's flock, to be part of His mission. Always small, humble, but dedicated to continue and carry it out.
  • I talk with people who don’t practice: I pray for them and hope they figure it out. They’re not going to live forever. They’ll meet their Maker. I hope they don’t miss out on that adventure of knowing Jesus in person, coming to know him as someone who not just loves you as a disciple, but is totally invested in you, who died for you, and doesn’t want you to waste your life but wants you to lose your life in something good.

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