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Corrado Maria Daclon (born 1963) is an Italian scientist and journalist.


  • The military front in its traditional meaning has disappeared and has been replaced by something structurally different. As a result of a set of variables such as globalisation, information technology, international finance, etc., we have now moved from a geopolitics based on space to a geopolitics based on flows.
  • Land has lost its original strategic value; military forces are no longer employed primarily to conquer land, but to ensure stable economic, energy and information flows, which constitute the true resources, along with the natural resources. Alongside military hard power, international organization are increasing attempts to use soft power, at regional level, to solve environmental problems that do not pose short-term problems, but which can generate conflicts in the medium-to-long term, such as water-related problems or desertification.
    • From Geopolitics of Environment, A Wider Approach to the Global Challenges, La Comunità Internazionale, no. 4, (2007)

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