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Cory in the House is an American children's television series which debuted January 12, 2007 on the Disney Channel as a spin-off from That's So Raven. The series focuses on Cory Baxter, who had moved from San Francisco, California to Washington, D.C. after Victor Baxter gets a new job in the White House as the official head White House chef.

Season 1[edit]

New Kid in Town [1.1][edit]

Cory: (Walking into the room) Man! The president hooked us up. This place is TIIIGHT!
Victor: (To Cory without putting his hand on the speaker) Don't be a wise guy! (on the Hotline) Not you Mr. President!.
Yes Mr. President.
Right away Mr. President. (To Cory) That was the president.
Cory: (To Samantha) Cory Baxter, American business man.
Sam: Samantha Samuel. Assistant to the President.
Cory: Put it there. Shakes her hand.
Sophie: So Cory! Maybe we can play sometime.
Cory: What do you like to play?
Sophie: I like dress up, tea parties and playing with my dollies. Oh, I'm sorry. what do you like to play?
Cory: Well, I like basketball, video game, playing the drums....
Sophie: [interrupting Cory] Noooooo, you like dress up, tea parties and [In a bossy attitude] playing with my dollies!
Cory: [confused] OK
Sophie: Don't worry, you'll catch on.
Cory: Yap, yap, I'm pretty much catching on already.

Ain't Miss Bahavian [1.2][edit]

Mr. Paroom: You forgot your Yak back pack in the limo. You're not ashamed of it, are you?
Meena: No, this is the best gift grandmother ever slayed for me.
Mr. Paroom: (Pointing at the CD) What is that?.
Meena: It's just a CD.
Mr. Paroom: (after reading the label "Cory's hot jams" on the CD) Who is this Cory? And why are his jams so hot?
Cory: (Raising his hand) That's me sir. And the secret to my CD is a little old school, a little new school, and a sprinkle of funk. You know what I mean?
Mr. Paroom: Thanks, but you can keep your funky sprinkles. Meena has a lot of traditional Bahavian music to listen to.
Meena: But Father, how many types can we listen in Ickbob, master of the nose flute?!
Mr. Paroom: (angrily) He is a master for a reason!

Everybody Loves Meena [1.3][edit]

Stickler: You don't wanna' go on your date in your underwear.
Cory: I'm not in my underwear.
Stickler: Turbo (He pushes a button and the machine sucks Cory's clothes) Can't go out now, can you?
Cory: No I can't, but I can stay here and show you the latest in you better run technology.

We Built This Kitty on Rock n' Roll [1.4][edit]

Rock the vote [1.5][edit]

Cory: Now remember Newt, read the speech I wrote for you and you're as good as out.
Newt: Got it.
Candy: Now lets hear from my opponent, Newt Livingston.
Newt: (He takes a lot of time in coming up to the stage, opening the speech paper and wearing his glasses) Who cares? Thank you.

Napper's Delight [1.6][edit]

Smells Like School Spirits [1.7][edit]

Everybody is singing the anthem of the school but only Candy Smiles and the principal know the words meanwhile cory is not singing
Candy: OK stop. Cory! I know I am the only student who knows the words but you could at least fake it like every one else.
Cory: Candy, if I may, there are two things I will never do, OK. Give away money or sing that corny song. :Principal: Thank you for sharing your feelings.
Cory: Ever.

Just Desserts [1.8][edit]

Newt: After tasting the Nakishka You know, I don't say this often but AWESOME!
Cory: (to Meena) did you ever thought of selling these things?
Meena: Oh No, I just make them for holidays.
Cory: Well with your baking skills and my business skills, everyday's gonna' be a holiday. Its gonna' be called pay day.

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