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Cory in the House is an American sitcom which debuted on January 12, 2007 on the Disney Channel as a spin-off from That's So Raven. The series focuses on Cory Baxter, who had moved from San Francisco, California to Washington, D.C. after Victor Baxter gets a new job in the White House as the official head White House chef.

Season 1[edit]

New Kid in Town [1.1][edit]

Cory: (Walking into the room) Man! The president hooked us up. This place is TIIIIIGHT!
Victor: (To Cory without putting his hand on the speaker) Don't be a wise guy! (on the Hotline) Not you Mr. President!.
Yes Mr. President.
Right away Mr. President. (To Cory) That was the president.
Cory: (To Samantha) Cory Baxter, American business man.
Sam: Samantha Samuel. Assistant to the President.
Cory: Put it there. Shakes her hand.
Sophie: So Cory! Maybe we can play sometime.
Cory: What do you like to play?
Sophie: I like dress up, tea parties and playing with my dollies. Oh, I'm sorry. what do you like to play?
Cory: Well, I like basketball, video game, playing the drums....
Sophie: [interrupting Cory] No, you like dress up, tea parties and [In a bossy attitude] playing with my dollies!
Cory: [confused] OK
Sophie: Don't worry, you'll catch on.
Cory: Yap, yap, I'm pretty much catching on already.

Ain't Miss Bahavian [1.2][edit]

Mr. Paroom: You forgot your Yak back pack in the limo. You're not ashamed of it, are you?
Meena: No, this is the best gift grandmother ever slayed for me.
Mr. Paroom: (Pointing at the CD) What is that?.
Meena: It's just a CD.
Mr. Paroom: (after reading the label "Cory's hot jams" on the CD) Who is this Cory? And why are his jams so hot?
Cory: (Raising his hand) That's me sir. And the secret to my CD is a little old school, a little new school, and a sprinkle of funk. You know what I mean?
Mr. Paroom: Thanks, but you can keep your funky sprinkles. Meena has a lot of traditional Bahavian music to listen to.
Meena: But Father, how many times can we listen to Ickbob, master of the nose flute?!
Mr. Paroom: (angrily) He is a master for a reason!

Everybody Loves Meena [1.3][edit]

Stickler: You don't wanna' go on your date in your underwear.
Cory: I'm not in my underwear.
Stickler: Turbo (He pushes a button and the machine sucks Cory's clothes) Can't go out now, can you?
Cory: No I can't, but I can stay here and show you the latest in you better run technology.

We Built This Kitty on Rock n' Roll [1.4][edit]

Sophie: Samantha, I wanna be in my daddy's show.
Samantha: I'll cancel Beyonce. (Cory's mouth drops open as Samantha crosses something off her list) There.
Cory: What? (about Sophie) You're gonna cancel Beyonce for her?
Samantha: Hello! President's daughter. Keep job, ok?
Sophie: Hey! There's no tambo in my rine!

Rock the vote [1.5][edit]

Cory: Now remember Newt, read the speech I wrote for you and you're as good as out.
Newt: Got it.
Candy: Now lets hear from my opponent, Newt Livingston.
Newt: (He takes a lot of time in coming up to the stage, opening the speech paper and wearing his glasses) Who cares? Thank you.

Napper's Delight [1.6][edit]

Cory: Stickler, man, why are you always spying on us?
Stickler: I prefer to call it reconnaissance. It's French.
Meena: It's creepy.
Cory: There is never a reason to give people their money back!

Smells Like School Spirits [1.7][edit]

Candy: OK, stop. Cory! I know I am the only student who knows the words, but you could at least fake it like everyone else.
Cory: Candy, if I may, there are two things I will never do, OK. Give away money or sing that corny song.
Principal: Thank you for sharing your feelings.
Cory: Ever.
Dr. Vanderslyce (to Newt): Newton, as... President, is there anything on your agenda?
Newt: No, but I do have a list of things I want to do.

Just Desserts [1.8][edit]

Newt: (After tasting the Nakishka) You know, I don't say this often, but AWESOME!
Cory: (to Meena) did you ever thought of selling these things?
Meena: Oh No, I just make them for holidays.
Cory: Well with your baking skills and my business skills, everyday's gonna' be a holiday. Its gonna' be called pay day.

Bahavian Idol [1.09][edit]

Cory: All right, man. Meena's on her way over. I'm gonna convince her that we did all this research on the Internet on how to reverse a bad luck curse.
Newt: Really?
Cory: No, man, there's no such thing.
Newt: As the Internet?
Meena: Father, what are you doing up there?
Cory: He was worried about you.
Ambassador Paroom: I'll handle this! (to Meena) I was worried about you.

Beat the Press [1.10][edit]

Samantha: Cory, listen to me. You live in the White House. There are always reporters snooping around, especially that Michelle Wallace.
Cory: Oh, yeah, she seemed nice.
Samantha: Oh, she's a real love muffin.
Cory: She is.
Samantha: Until she twists your words around and turns them into some crazy scandal that's going to embarrass the President!
Cory: With all due respect, Ms. Samuels, I'm a little smarter than that.
Samantha: (mockingly) With all due respect, no, you're not!
[After President Martinez takes a sip of Victor's soup, which Cory had laced with his grandma's hot sauce]
President Martinez: Cory, I---WHOO! (stands up in amazement) Mama say, mama saw! (inhales) The Pre--- (inhales again) The Pres--- (takes a clear, deep breath) THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

Mall of Confusion [1.11][edit]

Maya: (about Sophie's Bahavian accent) Why are you talking like that?
Sophie: (Bahavian accent) It's Bahavian, Maya. That's the way me and my sister talk because we're from Bahavia.
Maya: (about Meena) She's not your sister and you're from Sacramento.
[Sophie turns away]
Sophie: (in disgust) What a patoshka! (walks out of the room)
Cory: I've got the perfect gift idea for your lady. You know, nothing says "I love you" like that new video game Rap Ninjas 2, and you know...if...if you happen to pick up an extra copy...I wouldn't say no.
President Martinez: Son, even I don't have that kind of hookup, and I'm the (deep voice) President of the United States.
Meena: Poom-shlaka-laka!
Sophie: Shlaka-laka-poom!

Get Smarter [1.12][edit]

Cory (to Meena): Knock knock.
Meena: Come in.
Cory: Come in? No, no, you're supposed to say, "Who's there?"
Meena: Well, why would I do that? I know it's you.
Cory: Oh, my goodness!
Newt: You're not gonna believe this, but I've got a date with a brilliant, beautiful girl who really likes me.
Cory: All right, man, that's awesome!
Newt: No! It's so not awesome!
Cory: Why?
Newt: Because! She's, like, the smartest girl in the universe! Maybe even in America!
[Cory and Meena look puzzled]
Meena: Then why'd you say yes?
Newt: Because I got nervous and couldn't think of that other word, um...
Meena: "No?"
Newt: Exactly! This is a disaster! A fiasco! A quagmire of epic proportions!
Cory: But you couldn't think of "no?"

And the Weenie Is... [1.13][edit]

[Cory is handing out flyers of his band's gig; one person takes a flyer and squeezes the "juice" out of it]
Cory: (horrified) There's only one person who can do that. (looks up and sees The Juicer)
The Juicer: (menacingly) Hello, weenie.
Meena: Cory, what is going on? You're acting like such a---a...
Cory: (dejectedly) Weenie?
Meena: Well, I was going to say "yak-butt."

No, No, Nanoosh [1.14][edit]

Newt (about Meena): Dude, it sounds like you didn't want her to win.
Cory: Look,'re my best friend, right? I gotta tell you something. The truth is, yeah, your right, I didn't want Meena to win and, and kiss Nanoosh, because...well, I've had a giant crush on her ever since the first day I met her.
Newt: You mean all those times you used to gaze at her and melt when she talked to you and smell the air she walked by, you had a crush on her?
[Meena has just learned that Nanoosh fixed the contest in her favor and Nanoosh awaits her kiss]
Meena: (hurt) I am not going to kiss you. (everyone gasps in shock) You're a jerk. (everyone gasps again) You fixed this contest, which, by the way, is illegal! (everyone gasps again) I would never kiss someone like you even if you ripped off your shirt. (everyone gasps again; Meena storms off the stage, then storms right back) Which, by the way, was...stupid.

Air Force One Too Many [1.15][edit]

Ronald: (over the loudspeaker) Welcome to Air Force One. (Cory looks surprised) We should be arriving in Russia in 12 hours.
Cory (as he scrambles to the window and his mouth drops open in horror): Daddy, no!
President Martinez: The boy gave away Alaska!
Victor: Which boy?
President Martinez: (pulls Cory) This boy!
Victor: Oh, boy!

That's So in the House [1.16][edit]

[Cory dials a number on his cell phone]
Cory: Raven? How fast can you get to Washington?
[Raven walks into the kitchen]
Raven: Is this fast enough?
Mr. President: (talking about Raven) I was just attacked by a kook!
Tour Guide: The president was just attacked by a kook!

Gone Wishin' [1.17][edit]

Samantha: Chef Victor, how are we doing?
Victor: Well, sometimes I feel like there's a wall between us....
Samantha: Not our relationship! The pies, man, the pies!
Meena: Oh, look! A shooting star! (points up to the sky where a shooting star is passing over the trio) They say if you make a wish on a shooting star, it'll come true.
Cory: (looks up) I wish I was President. Then I could do things my way.


I Ain't Got Rhythm [1.18][edit]

Stickler: Um, this would be a great time to use my C.I.A. official smoke shield! (pulls out smoke shield, throws it on the ground, and little smoke comes out) Uh, lets just pretend there was a lot of smoke.
[Cory, Meena and Newt chase Stickler]
Cory: Stickler!

The Kung Fu Kats Kid [1.19][edit]

Cory: (whimpers) I don't want to go to jail!
Sophie: They tried to cover me in meat! That has to be a crime!

A Rat By Any Other Name [1.20][edit]

Candy (to Cory): C-Bear? I'm so glad you're here. I shouldn't have run out on you.
Cory: Candy, you're not mad at me?
Candy: Seeing how much you cared for that little rat made me realize how sweet you are.
Cory: Well, uh, you know how I "yabba-dabba-do." (Candy growls playfully) Ooh, girl.

Never the Dwayne Shall Meet [1.21][edit]

Sophie (to The Rock): And you are?
The Rock: I'm Dwayne Johnson, but most people call me The Rock.
Sophie: Yeah, let's just stick with Dwayne.
Cory: (inhales deeply and screams) People, no!

Season 2[edit]

The Presidential Seal [2.01][edit]

Samantha: This is the White House, not your personal Love Shack!

Through the Roof [2.02][edit]

Monster's Ball [2.03][edit]

Who Let the Dolls Out? [2.04][edit]

Lip Service [2.05][edit]

Sophie: (singing after she wins the game) I win again! You lose again!
Victor: Whatever! Everyone knows that Silly Silly Seagulls is just a game of luck!
Sophie: I also beat you in Dippy Dippy Dolphins, Pantsy Pantsy Ponies and Hopscotch.
Victor: Yeah, luck, luck and I got a bad ankle!
Victor: (thinking to himself) A carnival, where there will be games! Games that a grown man can beat a little girl at! (to the President) Um, Mr. President, I wouldn't mind taking Sophie to the carnival.
President Martinez: Thank you Chef Victor, that's very nice of you. Sophie, what do you think?
Sophie: (thinking to herself) Chef Victor and me at a carnival, where there will be games! Games where a little girl can beat a grown man at! (to Victor) Great Idea! Thank you Chef Victor!
Victor: Oh, it's my pleasure.

We Don't Have Chemistry [2.06][edit]

Uninvited Pest [2.07][edit]

Making the Braid [2.08][edit]

Candy: C-Bear, we have a problem.
Cory: Candy, I told you I'm not ready to meet your parents.
Sophie: Chef Victor, I hope you don't mind, we're reading your gossip magazines.
Victor: I don't read gossip magazines.
Tanisha: Then why is it addressed to "Chef Victor Baxter, 1600 Pennsylvania"?...
Victor: Fine, you can read it, just don't do my celebrity fashion puzzle.
Sophie: Too late.
Victor: Oh, man! You're just evil. How you going to do a grown man's celebrity fashion puzzle without even asking. You don't see me drawing all up in your coloring books do you? No, 'cause that would be wrong!

Model Behavior [2.09][edit]

Newt: Dude, all that work for nothing! No Hawaii, no two and half super models.

Sittin' Pretty [2.10][edit]

Macho Libre [2.11][edit]

Peace, Love and Misunderstanding [2.12][edit]

Mad Songs Pay So Much [2.13][edit]


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