Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an online first-person shooter developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment, who also maintained Counter-Strike: Source after its release.


  • Freeman was here! فریمن اینجا بود!
  • Dust2 long door mural[[1]]

"The Commander" (Weapons Course)[edit]

  • [teaching the player between teammates and hostiles]
    [A wooden police (Counter-Terrorist) target appears] "We have good guys, and the bad guys. [A wooden Terrorist target appears] We want you to shoot the bad guys. And just to prove you were paying attention, pick up the weapon and shoot 5 bad guys for me."
  • [after the player shoots the first target]
    "Way to hit the giant wood target! You just saved democracy! [laughs] I know, I know! We've all had to complete these tests. Nice job, though!"
  • [teaching the player about bombs]
    "Listen up. Now, unless you're a traitor, you will not be planting bombs in the field, but we want you to understand what you're up against. So pick up a bomb and head on over to Bomb Site A."
  • [when the player picks up a bomb]
    "Plant the bomb by equipping it and then using it. Now go ahead and plant it inside the blast shield."
  • [after the player plants the bomb]
    "Good job on the bomb planting, traitor! But you better hurry up, we just planted a bomb at Bomb Site B, and you only have seconds to defuse it. You can find the bomb site using your radar."
  • [while the player defuses the bomb]
    "Hurry, hurry! That's a live bomb!"
  • [after the player defuses the bomb]
    "Good job! You know what would have made the defusing faster, if I had remembered to give you the defusing kit. Yeah, a kit will cut the time in half it takes to defuse a bomb. Sorry about that."

Counter-Terrorist Factions[edit]

  • Los! Los! Los! (Go! Go! Go!) - GSG-9, at the start of a round

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