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Courtney Love (born 9 July 1964) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actress, and writer.  She is the frontwoman of the grunge band Hole.  She was the wife of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, with whom she had a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.


  • I've always been provocative toward guys like that. They're lame, and they make it not fun for nerdy guys and nerdy girls and uncool people. They're like these self-righteous jock pricks up at the front, and they come there just to razz you— to tell you that they have a boner, or that they want to see your tits, or that you're ugly, or that you're a whore or something. They're ridiculous.
    • Regrading disruptive male audience members at concerts (1991), Not Bad for a Girl documentary (1995)
  • If I fuckin' die without having written two, three, or four brilliant rock songs, fuckin', I don't know why I lived my life.
    • Remarks about her ambitions early in her career (1991), Not Bad for a Girl documentary (1995)
  • I try to place [beautiful imagery] next to fucked up imagery, because that's how I view things … I sometimes feel that no one's taken the time to write about certain things in rock, that there's a certain female point of view that's never been given space.
    • On her songwriting and lyrics, from interview with Everett True, June 1991. In article "Hole in Sidelines" from Melody Maker, p. 8.
  • Since I’ve basically been giving my music away for free under the old system, I’m not afraid of wireless, MP3 files or any of the other threats to my copyrights. Anything that makes my music more available to more people is great. MP3 files sound cruddy, but a well-made album sounds great. And I don’t care what anyone says about digital recordings. At this point they are good for dance music, but try listening to a warm guitar tone on them. They suck for what I do. … I’m looking for people to help connect me to more fans, because I believe fans will leave a tip based on the enjoyment and service I provide. I’m not scared of them getting a preview. It really is going to be a global village where a billion people have access to one artist and a billion people can leave a tip if they want to. It’s a radical democratization. Every artist has access to every fan and every fan has access to every artist, and the people who direct fans to those artists. People that give advice and technical value are the people we need. People crowding the distribution pipe and trying to ignore fans and artists have no value. This is a perfect system.
    • From "Courtney Love does the math", a speech given on the corruption of the music industry, from (June 14, 2000)
  • I didn't ever really talk until I started hanging out in '80 or '81 with the drag queens at the Metropolis [or Met, a gay new wave club] in Portland. I was very, very quiet. So much so that at one point when I was very young I was diagnosed as a probable autistic. And then I started hanging around with bitchy drag queens and with [my friends] Ursula and Robin, and they basically raised me. I found my inner bitch and I ran with her.
    • On being antisocial as a teenager, "Endless Love", Spin, February 1995.
  • [Crack] used to be called freebase when white rich people did it. Then it got sold in batches, and white rich people were still doing it, and it was still called freebase. And then all of a sudden this guy named Ricky Freeway Ross started making it and he happened to be black, and— everything is political— and, then it turned into "crack."
    • Explaining the racist politics of the history of cocaine; The Howard Stern Show, 2005 [1]