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Crank is a 2006 action/thriller film about Chev Chelios, a British hit man living in Los Angeles, who gets injected with poison by an rival hit man and only has a few hours left to live. For his last hours he plans to have his revenge on the people who injected him with the poison.


  • Don't pop a blood vessel you little penis.
  • [After chopping Ricky Verona's brother's hand off ] You like that tough guy? How frickin awesome was that, huh?
  • Blah, blah, fuckin´ blah!
  • Bonjour, Douchebag!
  • Who want's some white meat now?

Ricky Verona[edit]

  • Fuck you Chelios


Chev: A necklace? You guys really are faggots, huh?
Ricky Verona: Thats the medallion my grandfather gave by dad and- You know what you take that and you shove it up your ass.

Orlando's thugs: Orlando? You alright man?
Orlando: There a white nigga up here with a gun! Just.. Be still mothafuckas

Chev: I'm loocking for something which begins with E.
Nurse: England.

[Chev Chelios finds a recorded DVD, with "FUCK YOU" written on the front. Chelios puts the disc into the DVD player and once it plays, Ricky Verona appears on the screen.]:Ricky Verona: Are we spinning yet? Good. Chelios! How are you doing, baby? You never call me no more. Where's the love, huh? Now, how are you feeling? I can guess it! If you're feeling like shit right about now, you can't move. You can't move too quickly, you can't breathe what's the matter with you dude?! Oh wait, wait, wait!! What is this?! [Ricky Verona shows a syringe filled with an unknown poison, Chev Chelios looks at the screen] Holy fuck! Can you guess what this is? Look at your bed Chelios. [Camera turns to bed where Chelios is sleeping] Check this out! [Verona leans over Chelios, as he begins to inject him with the poison]


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