Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex (also known as Crash Bandicoot 4) is a platform game, the sixth in the Crash Bandicoot series and was developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing and Konami for PS2, Xbox and GameCube in 2001. The story centers on the appearance of Crunch Bandicoot, a genetically advanced bandicoot working for his creator Cortex, who is aided by a group of destructive masks known as the Elementals who are wreaking havoc on Earth, as Crash and Coco attempt to stop them.

Coco Bandicoot[edit]

Aku Aku[edit]

Crunch Bandicoot[edit]

Neo Cortex[edit]

  • Can't you ever let me win? What do you want from me, you cretin? [hits lever]

Uku Uka[edit]


[The game opens in a space station where Uka Uka is holding a convention of villains]
Uka Uka: Imbeciles, fools, nincompoops! Can't you idiots do anything right?! According to this, [shows a chart with a line going down] your track record for spreading evil is pathetic!
Cortex: Uka Uka, it's not our fault. That wretched bandicoot is to blame.
Uka: [growls] I will not let anything stand in the way of evil, especially not a brainless orange marsupial. Crash must be eliminated!
N. Gin: Uh, Uka Uka… need I remind you that Crash always finds a way to defeat us? Maybe he's just too good for us.
Uka Uka: Enough excuses! You 5 idiots need to come up with one good plan, or else.
Cortex: How do I get into these situations? Ugh...
N. Tropy: There must be something we can come up with. [to Cortex] Say, Doctor, haven't you been tinkering with some sort of super weapon in your laboratory?
Cortex: I don't know what you're talking about, N. Tropy.
N. Gin: Dr. Cortex, I think he's referring to the super secret weapon that you've been laboring over day and night since the last time Crash defeated you.
Uka Uka: Enough bickering! Do we have a plan?!
Cortex: Well, in my scientific endeavors, I've been able to create a genetically advance super weapon of unbelievable strength, but the power source... is the final missing crucial element.
Uka Uka: Hmm. Element...? Element...? Yes, the Elementals!
Cortex: Right. The Elementals, that's it! If we released their destructive energy, it could create enough power to bring my secret weapon to life. We'd have a weapon capable of crushing mountains, demolishing entire cities!
Uka Uka: And wipe Crash Bandicoot off the face of the Earth forever!
Cortex: Get ready to face my wrath, Crash Bandicoot! [laughs]

[before the 106% ending]
Cortex: Can't you ever let me win? What do you want from me, you cretin? [hits lever]
Uka Uka: Cortex, you realize that Crash may have collected all the Crystals, but he doesn't have the Gems! (Does he?) With the Gems, we can resurrect the masks one last time and destroy that Bandicoot once and for all.

[last lines; 106% ending]
Cortex: Can't you ever let me win? What do you want from me, you cretin? [hits lever] No, Uka Uka! I can explain!
Uka Uka: It's too late for that now! [shoots energy bolt at Cortex, who ducks; explosion]
Cortex: Uh… I don't think you should have done that.
Crunch: [regains consciousness] Oh, no. Where am I? Hey, wait a second. That annoying scientist doesn't have control of me anymore. Where is that pathetic twerp?
Aku Aku: There's no time for that now, Crunch.
Lab Assistant: Danger! Critical power overload in evil space station! Run for your lives! [alarmed by this, Crash and Crunch run out]
Cortex: I think your energy volt caused a slight chain reaction. It might be wise if we made our way to the escape pods. (Plus, this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't shot me!)
Uka Uka: (what?!) This is all your fault! If you hadn't ducked out of the way, none of this would've happened! (And how is that my fault?!)
Crunch: This doesn't look good!
Coco: [appears] Hey, any of you guys need a ride? [Crash and Crunch nod]
[Crash and Crunch go inside Coco's ship, and they blast off to Earth]
Crunch: Crash, Coco, Aku Aku. I'm grateful to all of you. If it weren't for you, I'd still be under the control of Dr. Cortex. Thank you for believing in me, guys.
Coco: You're welcome, Crunch. (Welcome to the Bandicoot family.) [to Aku Aku] Hey, do you think that's the last we'll see of Dr. Cortex and Uka Uka?
Aku Aku: I'd like to believe that, my children, but somehow, I doubt that very much.
[in the Antarctic wastes]
Cortex: Ow! Whoa-ho-ho! No, wait! I can explain! Aah! I'll get my revenge, Crash Bandicoot! Just you wait!

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