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Crash Canyon is an adult animated sitcom. It tells the story of the community living at the bottom of a canyon. The Wendel family is looking for an original holiday by caravan but their trip ends sooner than expected at the bottom of a canyon in Alberta, Canada.



(the Wendell family are inside the Roadside Sign Museum)
Norm: The guidebook was right. This sign museum is awesome!
Sheila: (groans) We'll be in the car!
(Norm spots a 'closed' sign)
Norm: A closed sign! (laughs) And they're open! It's funny because it's not true!

Beverly: You're the new ones! You did this!
(clicks her fingers, and Bjorn shows the Wendells the family cat, who has lost her two right legs. She falls sideways onto the floor)
Beverly: That's not how a cat is supposed to work! You broke her legs with ... this!
(shows the Wendells their license plate)
Norm: Our license plate! It must have come off when we fell in! Oh, we're sorry. But, it's an event beyond our control, like Pluto losing its status as a planet or maybe...
Beverly: Save it! Princess can't walk on excuses!

(Norm and Sheila are inside the Manderbelts' house)
Sheila: We have been waiting half an hour. I know because I've counted to ten 1800 times!
(the Manderbelts' youngest son, Vaughn, comes in)
Norm: Hello there, who are you?
Vaughn: I'm Vaughn and you're not!

(The Manderbelts' living room. While Sheila is in the bathroom, Norm talks to them.)
Norm: If you want, I could help with the cat. I'm an engineer. Part of the team that came up with the FirmShut gate.
(Reginald and Beverly stand silently)
Norm: It won a Swingy.
(Reginald and Beverly remain silent)
Norm: The highest honour the gate industry gives.
(Reginald and Beverly remain silent)
Norm: You guys don't read a lot of gate industry trade magazines, do you?

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