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Crash Tag Team Racing is a racing/platform game of the Crash Bandicoot series. It was released by Radical Entertainment for PS2, GameCube, Xbox and PSP on October 15, 2005. The game's story centers on the exploits of Crash Bandicoot, who must win the ownership of a dilapidated theme park by finding its missing Power Gems before Cortex can.




  • Oh, it's you, Crash. Look, there's something fishy going on around here, and I don't mean the salmon churos. I need to do some sneaking around but I can't, because my head is too big! I mean, look at me. I stick out like a chocolate bar in a swimming pool! I need you to get me something black and slimming, because I don't want my butt to look too big!


N. Gin[edit]

  • [Crash comes back to N. Gin without his plutonium] Crash! What's wrong with you, man? I need plutonium to succeed! Beautiful, shiny plutonium! It will be mine! I swear, or I'll fill your head with doom!


Neo Cortex: That wretched bandicoot foiled my plan for this amusement enterprise as the ideal strategic cover!
N. Gin: Yes, my lord! Hahaha! Heeheeha!
N. Cortex: Stop having fun!

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