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Cratinus (Greek: Κρατῖνος Kratinos; 519 BC – 422 BC) was an Athenian poet and playwright of the Old Comedy. None of his plays has survived intact, but many fragments and quotations from his plays are known.


  • What a swarm of sophists you lot have swirled up!
    • Archilochoi ("The Archilochuses") (c. 448 BC)
  • Even to wise mortals Music carries unceasing feelings...
    • Cheirones ("The Chirons")
  • Life in the past was happy for mortals as compared to now. Men led a life, gentle in mind with sweet-speaking wisdom, most beautiful of mortals.
    • Cheirones ("The Chirons")
  • Let the person who wins be him who says what is most desirable for the city.
    • Dionysalexandros (i.e. Dionysus in the part of Paris)
  • ...Each one of you is a bribe-taking fox.
    • Nomoi ("The Laws")
  • You’ll never fashion anything clever by drinking water!
    • Pytine ("The Wineflask")

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