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Crime Story (1986–1988) was an American TV series, airing on NBC, in which Lt. Mike Torrello heads up Chicago's Major Crime Unit (MCU), leading their chase for Ray Luca, a young hood about to make his mark on the underworld.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot (1) [1.01][edit]

Torello: [about the blood-spattered crime scene] Looks like a Jackson Pollock.
Grossman: Pollock?
Torello: He's an artist. Used to paint stuff like this.
Grossman: Yeah? Well, he's got a sick mind.

Pilot (2) [1.02][edit]

Final Transmission [1.03][edit]

Shadow Dancer [1.04][edit]

The Saint Louis Book of Blues [1.05][edit]

The War [1.06][edit]

Abrams for the Defense [1.07][edit]

Pursuit of a Wanted Felon [1.08][edit]

Steadman: Who are you? Who do you work for?
Luca: Let's look at it this way, Mr. Steadman. There's an angel perched on your shoulder. We're looking after you, that's all.
Steadman: Look, I was part of building this union. I stood on picket lines, I froze, I fought scabs--and dozens of punks like you. This union works for its membership. You got something to take up with it? You pay your dues, you do the job. And it's not for sale to no lowlifes. And I don't need anybody looking after me. Now you get out of here before you are carried out.

Torello: [to hotel clerk] Now, listen. My wife and I are here to have a nice vacation. Either you accommodate us, or I'm going to knock you into the middle of next Wednesday.

Old Friends, Dead Ends [1.09][edit]

Mike Torello: You can go out on dates with my wife, you can sit on my couch, but you - you are not gonna watch my TV!

Justice Hits the Skids [1.10][edit]

For Love or Money [1.11][edit]

Walter: This is the law that prevails all over the land! You're all under arrest!

Crime Pays [1.12][edit]

Hide and Go Thief [1.13][edit]

Strange Bedfellows [1.14][edit]

Fatal Crossroads (aka Fortune in Men's Eyes) [1.15][edit]

[after his father is killed by a car bomb]
David Abrams: Dad! Dad! POP! Oh my God! My God! No! No! NO! NO!

Torello on Trial [1.16][edit]

The Kingdom of Money [1.17][edit]

The Battle of Las Vegas [1.18][edit]

The Survivor [1.19][edit]

The Pinnacle [1.20][edit]

Top of the World (aka The King in a Cage) [1.21][edit]

Ground Zero [1.22][edit]


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