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"Crisis on Earth-X" is the fourth annual Arrowverse crossover event, featuring episodes of the live-action television series Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow on The CW. The crossover began on November 27, 2017 with Supergirl and Arrow, and concluded on November 28 with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. "Crisis on Earth-X" sees Barry Allen and Iris West's friends come to Central City for their wedding, only to be interrupted when villains from Earth-X disrupt the proceedings.


Crisis on Earth-X, part one [Supergirl episode 3.08][edit]

[Kara is fighting an alien on the National City streets.]
J'onn J'onzz: [back at the D.E.O.] Supergirl. Identify the threat, so we can help you fight it.
Winn Schott: Whatever it is, it came out of deep orbit and it is maaad.
J'onn: Is it alien?
Winn: Well, it's definitely not NASA.
Alex Danvers: Is it Czarnian?
Winn: Or Hellgrammite?
Kara Danvers: [knocks the alien away] Dominator. [balls up her fist and knocks the Dominator flat on its back.] These guys are so last year. [kicks it unconscious]

Oliver Queen: I can't believe you're really doing this.
Barry Allen: Yeah, man. What can I say, I got the girl. And so did you. You ever think about making it official?
Oliver: Again? Yeah. Um,... I think that with everything going on right now, it's just not the... it's not the right time.
Barry: You love her?
Oliver: I love her sooo much.
Barry: Put a ring on her. People like us are always going to be getting into trouble, right? Having someone we love by our side just makes getting out of that trouble that much easier. We have something to fight for. If I can have my happy ending, so can you. I promise.
Oliver: I'm supposed to be the all-knowing mentor.
Barry: I have been known to catch up.

[Alex is pounding back shots at the bar during the rehearsal dinner when Sara Lance approaches her.]
Sara Lance: Somebody who drinks like that, is looking to make something go away.
Alex: Yeah. Well,... [watches Sara down a shot of her own in one gulp] What are you looking to make go away?
Sara: Nothing. I just like the taste of scotch.
Alex: Fair enough.

Barry: What happened with Mon-El?
Kara: What didn't happen. Saved the world.
Barry: Faced that three times.
Kara: Time travel.
Barry: I've been there a lot.
Kara: He's married to someone else.
Barry: Oh.... That's.... I got nothing for that, I'm sorry.
Kara: I mean, it's my own fault. I keep forgetting that my life should only be about Supergirl. But then, you know, life keeps finding a way to remind me.
Barry: I finally got Oliver to admit it's okay to have love in his life. Now I gotta convince you, too?
Kara: Barry, it's different for you guys. You're human.
Barry: And you're what? Other than a alien, I mean.
Kara: Alone.

Joe West: So the old man has a few words to say. What could I possible say about Barry and Iris that everyone in this room doesn't already know? How they're special, and kind, and brave. Well, we all know that, so I'm gonna talk to you about somebody you might not know: me. For the longest time, I have... been happy just to be Dad to these two. And then Wally comes along, and.... Then watching them face what they have in the last few years with grace and trust and love - so much love. You see two people who love like that, and you want it, too. [brings his girlfriend, Cecile, to his side] So, Barry, Iris,... thank you for showing me how to love again. For showing me that love is the most important thing we have. I love you guys. [raises his glass] To Barry and Iris.
Everyone else: [in unison] To Barry and Iris!

Crisis on Earth-X, part two [Arrow episode 6.08][edit]

Harry Wells: There's a fifty-third Earth, and it's called "Earth-X". It doesn't have a designation because it's a place so awful, so horrific, no sane person ever travelled there. Basically our Earth: same history, same timeline, with one crucial and critical difference.
Dr. Martin Stein: Let me hypothesize. The Nazis develop the atomic bomb before the United States did, and they're more than happy to use it.
Harry: Yes, the Nazis won the war. And New York, London, Paris and Moscow, all obliterated. The S.S. set up outposts. Not only all throughout Europe, but throughout the Americas, and Hitler continued his brutal reign, aided by Prime Ministers and Presidents sympathetic to him, until his death in 1994.

Oliver: Earth-X?
Prometheus-X (Tommy Merlyn): That's right. And I'm dead on this Earth.
Oliver: That's right.
Prometheus-X: I'd almost prefer that. I was born into the Reich. The whole world is the Fatherland. We don't have elementary schools and summer camps. We have youth groups, military training. We all grow up without choice.
Oliver: You have a choice now. You can tell me where to find the others from Earth-X.
Prometheus-X: On my Earth, you are my best friend. I would die for you.
Oliver: I would've died for you.
Prometheus-X: Would have?
Oliver: You beat me to it. I lost you. It was like... like losing a limb. You weren't just my best friend. Tommy, you were my brother, and you sacrificed yourself for a woman that we both loved. And I was there and you're right here. You were a good man here, and I believe that you still can be.
Prometheus-X: No, no, you don't understand. If I talk, if I break, the Führer will kill my father, he'll kill my mother, every one that I love!
Oliver: I will not let that happen! I will stop him.
Prometheus-X: Do you think you can do that?
Oliver: I promise you that I can do that.
Prometheus-X: Then you really are a special kind of idiot. Your naiveté would be charming if your weakness wasn't so pathetic. Is this how it is on your planet? Everybody swayed by sentiment? Is everyone here really so weak? The Reich will change that. The weak will be eliminated, your entire world will be enslaved. But you, you... you won't be around to witness it. He is going to feel your skull crack under the weight of his boot, and everyone you care about, everyone you love... they're gonna die badly. In ways that would give even monsters nightmares.

[Supergirl and the Flash arrive at the break-in site almost simultaneously, then just wait around. The Green Arrow arrives seconds later by motorcycle and dismounts.]
Green Arrow: Just a quick reminder. Super-speed. I don't have it.
Supergirl: Noted.

[Oliver aims an arrow at Overgirl.]
Overgirl: And what do you think that's going to do? Bullets bounce off of me.
Oliver: This arrow won't. [shoots arrow]
[A casing breaks off the arrow in mid-flight, revealing a green kryptonite arrowhead. The arrow impales Overgirl in the shoulder.]
Kara: Is that a kryptonite arrow? Why do you have a kryptonite arrow?
Oliver: In case an evil you ever showed up!

[Dark Arrow has just defeated Mick Rory and Killer Frost.]
Dark Arrow: Anyone else want to be a hero?
[Black Canary, Wild Dog and Mister Terrific suddenly appear and surround Arrow.]
Mister Terrific: They wanted to wait. But how could we ever get a better entry line than that?

Crisis on Earth-X, part three [The Flash episode 4.08][edit]

[ inside an Earth-X concentration camp ]
Sara: So this craphole's Earth-X
Oliver: Wells was right.
Barry: He usually is.
Alex: It's hard to believe a place like this actually exists, on any Earth.
Stein: I wish I shared your sentiment. But in all my travels to distant times, one thing that sadly remains constant is man's ability to feel hatred for other men.
Jefferson "Jax" Jackson: [observing the other prisoners] Stars and triangles.
Stein: Badges, used to identify reported crimes these people have quote, unquote "committed" to land in here.
Jax: [to another prisoner] What's the pink triangle for? What did you do?
Ray Terrill: I loved the wrong person.

Overgirl: You're looking more human. Scared, helpless, pathetic. Inferior.
Kara: We're not that different from them.
Overgirl: Oh, please, we're everything they want to be. Blond, white. Aryan perfection.
Kara: I'm not like you. I don't think I'm better than everyone else.
Overgirl: You should. You are. You're a god to them. Could've been living like one.
Kara: Like you?
Overgirl: Yes, like me. They want someone to bow to. To worship. To lead.
Kara: What you're doing is not leading. It's ruling.
Overgirl: Yes. It is. They're like ants, Kara.
Kara: They shouldn't fear us for what we can do. They should rely on us when they need us.
Overgirl: Oh, spare me the Good Samaritan crap.
Kara: I'm not going to take advantage of anyone just because I can.
Overgirl: The world isn't made better by protecting the weak, it's made better by getting rid of them.

Ray: We have fought and bled and sacrificed for this war, and then these strangers show up and you're willing to throw everything away for them? The fate of the world is at stake!
Leo Snart of Earth-X: So are the lives of their loved ones!
Ray: [scoffs] Come on.
Leo: Tease me all you want for being sentimental. These heroes would risk everything for the people they love, just like I would. For you. [kisses Ray]
Ray: You know I can't say "No" when you look at me like that.
Leo: That is why I look at you like that.

Oliver: Barry, Ray--
Barry: We know. Stop a flying robot somehow.
Oliver: Good. The rest of us will open the breach.
Leo: That's the whole plan?
Barry: Well, as the Snart we know used to say: "Make a plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan."
Leo: Wow, that is.... That is terrible advice. I always have a plan. Down to the second, so nothing ever goes wrong!

[Oliver has just saved the Earth-X Felicity.]
Oliver: [handing over a machine gun] Just take this and go.
Felicity Smoak of Earth-X: Why are you doing this?
Oliver: It's the strong's duty to protect the weak. Take it and go. Go! [Felicity runs off.]

Crisis on Earth-X, part four [Legends of Tomorrow episode 3.08][edit]

Oliver: Thanks for your help.
Leo: We're not done helping yet. Our enemies are still on your Earth, Ollie.
Oliver: Don't call me that. [walks ahead]
Leo: Give it time, I'll get through that crusty exterior.
Sara: [comes up beside Leo] No. You really won't.
Leo: Oh, I was talking to you.

Nate Heywood: [over the Pipeline speaker] Attention, all prisoners. Great news. The cavalry has arrived.
Wild Dog: 'Bout time.
Mick Rory: I knew I could count on you, Pretty. Did you bring beers?
Wild Dog: Better yet, an army.
Nate: [opening the main door] Who needs an army when you got Legends?

Stein: Can't you see that I'm dying?
Jax: What are you talking about, man?
Stein: I'm old, Jefferson. And even if I hadn't been shot, no one lives forever.
Jax: Gray, I don't even want to hear you talking like that, man.
Stein: As long as we're connected, I'm nothing more than an anchor around your neck. Which is why you must help me.
Jax: I don't understand... I... [Stein points at a vial containing blue liquid] Not Cisco's drug.
Stein: Gideon resynthesized the liquid. She assures me it will free you from my body's biology.
Jax: And it will free you of mine! I'm the only thing that's keeping you alive, man! I... You're asking me to kill you, Gray!
Stein: I'm asking you to let me die, so that you may live. Please hand me the vial.
Jax: No.
Stein: I know you think you're strong enough for both of us, but unless I do this, we'll both die.
Jax: Then we'll both die! I don't–
Stein: No! You have your whole life ahead of you. But now it's time for you to let me go.
Jax: But I'm not ready for you to go.
Stein: I'm not, either. But when you think about it... compared to the cosmos, one's life is but a blink of an eye.
Jax: Really? You're gonna lecture me about astrophysics right now? Gray, please, don't do this to me. I can't do this.
Stein: You once told me that I was like your father, and I said you were my son. How could a father do anything less?

[Jax gives the eulogy at Stein's funeral.]
Jax: [emotional] Uh, Clarissa asked me to say a few words, but as you all know, it was Gray - Martin - who was the wordy one. But... I got used to hearing his voice inside my head. And uh, even now, I can still hear him. 'Cause even though he's gone, he's still a part of me. He's still a part of all of us. He was the best man, right until the end. The best teacher. Friend. Husband. Father. [approaches Clarissa and Lily] Clarissa. I'm so, so sorry. I-I couldn't save him, I.... All he wanted was to come home. To you and you (Lily) and Ronnie. To his family. [breaks down and cries]
Clarissa Stein: Oh, Jefferson. You were his family, too.
Jax: I just... I don't know how to do any of this without him.
Lily Stein: Then don't. You've said it yourself. He's still part of you.

[Barry and Iris' marriage vows]
Barry: My entire life has been marked by two things. The first one is change. From when I was a kid to when I was an adult, things were always changing. But no matter how different things became or what new challenges I had to face, I always had the other thing in my life was marked by, and that's you. You've always been there. As a friend, as a partner. As the love of my life. You're my home, Iris. And that's one thing that will never change.
Iris West: That was really nice. [nervous laugh] When I was nine years old, I wanted to be a ballerina. Remember? Even though I was not a very good dancer. And the day of the recital, I froze. I couldn't move, and I wanted to die. Then I looked in the audience and I saw you. And you got up and you climbed on the stage and you did that whole routine with me. We killed it. I mean, we bought the house....down. And from that moment, I knew that, with you by my side, anything was possible. The Flash may be the city's hero, but you, Barry Allen,... you're my hero. And I am happy, excited, and honored to be your wife.


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