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Critters 4 is a 1992 film about a race of aliens that attack the crew of a space station.

Directed by Rupert Harvey. Written by David J. Schow.
In Space... They Love to Hear You Scream!  (taglines)

Al Bert[edit]

  • Like my ex-wife. Anything I say, she does the opposite.


Ethan: I guess Rick's had a little too much coffee again?
Al Bert: Rick has got a bug up his butt. See. He's gone and discovered himself a magnetic space anomaly. And he's gotten stiff in the jock.

Rick: It's rust.
Ethan: Magnify times four, please.
Rick: Now it's great big rust.

Al Bert: Nuclear core is reading just shy of the red. Nearly to alert.
Rick: Radiation?
Al Bert: Negative. It looks more like natural decay. I'd give her about a month before we all glow in the dark.
Bernie: Don't kid about shit like that. Just show me where the pharmacy is.
Al Bert: What's the matter? Feeling a little bit under the weather there Bernie?

Charlie: Well, uh, that means everybody I know is.
Bernie: They're dead. They're toast. They're history.

Al Bert: Rick and Bernie are dead. For all I know we may have been infected by some alien germ. So unless anyone else has another suggestion, I propose that we just hole up here and wait for them to come rescue us. They will be here any minute.
Ethan: Yeah. If we don't blow up first.

Ethan: What do these things look like?
Charlie: What do they look like?
Ethan: Yeah.
Charlie: You ever see a piranha?
Ethan: It's a fish, right?
Charlie: That's right. They look nothing like a piranha. But they're hungry like a piranha.


  • In Space... They Love to Hear You Scream!


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