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Cro (1993-1994) was an animated TV series that aired on ABC, then reran on Noggin from 1999 to 2002. According to the end credits, it was "based on the original idea from the book, The Way Things Work by David Macaulay.




Ogg, it wasn't Bobb's fault! Let him stay!

[to Selene] I've got no mother, no father, nobody wants me...except the Neanderthals and they're not to crazy about me! I don't even have a real pet! Just this log!


(repeated line)
In cases like this, only one thing to

(two mammoths tell a joke with humans at the butt)
That not funny!
(throws a pie at the mammoths)
Not politically correct, either!


(Gogg is telling why Bobb is afraid of him being secluded)
Gogg: Bobb say something happen when he little boy. Once
upon a time, Bobb's old tribe--
Nandy: (interrupting) They cute! Look just like Bobb!
Gogg: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyway, lay down for nappies. But
when Bobb wake up...

Gogg: Bobb...he all alone.

Gogg: Bobb think Ogg impose punishment too severe for crime!


What matter? Hole done yet? (sees boulder coming
pendulum-like towards her) No. Nandy done. Way done!

(repeated line)
Neandie: We gonna die!


Now which lever was that again? Oh, I'm kidding!

And now without further ado, I'd like to present my
Christmas list.


Pakka: C'mon, Cro. We've gotta finish building the statues!
Cro (distracted) Not now, Pakka, we're trying to build
a bridge.
Pakka: Without supports?
Cro: (shocked) Supports?


Dire Wolves[edit]

Big Red: I have decided to accompany you flea-biters this
time in order to prevent further failure. If we do not succeed on
our mission tonight, (menacingly) I shall be forced gnaw on
one of youse.

(the dire wolves are searching for the Neandies' mung)
Murray: Hey, where's the mung? Oh yeah!
(Ogg unravels himself in his sleep)
Wolves: A HUMAN!
Murray: And with a big club! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!


All: (shouting) Ogg gonna die!
Selene: Yes and quite tastefully, I might add!

Earle and Mojo[edit]

Earle and Mojo: Men is in the Valley!


(Earle is knocking down the slope mechanism)
Nandy: What that big noise?
Esmeralda: I don't know, but it could start an avalanche!
Everyone off the slopes!


Yes, adult boars would be much bigger, smellier too, than that one! The parents would be very worried about their babies if they went missing.(notices a bunch of boars on the nearby scarp) In fact...


(Phil crashes back onto Earth)
Trade cool! Right into the next door neighbor's
swimming pool.

Dr. C[edit]

Dr.C: Mike, there is one lever you over look that just might get Phil out of the shower. I hate to do it. But . . .

(she flushes the toilet)

Other Dialogue[edit]

Episode: "Here's Looking At You, Cro!"[edit]

Porcupine: (to the audience) This may look fun,
kids, but remember these are trained professionals. Don't try this
at home!

Theme Song[edit]

Cro was a smart boy,
Had a lot on the ball
But the family that took him in
Was total Neanderthal
Cro - just a memory
Of his mammoth friend named Phil
Who was found by the scientist Dr. C
And Mike in the Arctic Chill
Phil fell into a glacier
It was like a big deep-freeze
But he was brought back to life to his surprise
In the 20th Century
So listen as Phil takes us back
To wonders of long ago
And we've a tale of Woollyville
And an Ice age boy named
(Cro...Cro... Cro!)

Mammoth Oath[edit]

A mammoth is wise, a mammoth is smart.
We care about science as we care about art.

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