Cross Country Detours

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Cross Country Detours is a 1940 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Tex Avery.


[first lines]
Narrator: Animal life and scenic wonders of our country. First, in California, we find one of the most beautiful of national parks: Yosemite, known to many a traveler. Tourists are often tempted to feed the tame bears in the park.
[Bear hits a tourist over the head and shows him a sign that says, "Please do not feed the bears"]
Bear: Listen, stupid! Can't you read?

Narrator: Traveling southward back into the states, we were fortunate in photographing this tense drama of animal life: a ferocious bobcat about to pounce upon and devour this poor helpless little weakling, a baby quail. With muscles tense and ready to spring, the marauding killer comes closer and closer to this tiny, shivering little creature, so defenseless, so harmless. Only a baby! Poor little...
Bobcat: [roars and gets ready to pounce, but then falls to the ground in tears] I can't do it! I can't! I can't go through with it! I can't! I can't!

Narrator: There's something fascinating about the sound of a frog.
[Frog comes out of the water to a lily pad]
Narrator: Here we show you close up of a frog croaking.
[frog uses his gun to commit suicide kills himself and splashes into the river the card shows: "PATRONS NOTICE - We are not responsible in any way for the puns used in this cartoon. The Management".]

[last lines]
Husky: Hello? What's this? Trees! Trees! Thousands and thousands of trees! And they're mine! All mine! (laughing) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Trees, trees!


  • Mel Blanc as Bear / Scoutmaster / Polar Bear / Bobcat / Grand Canyon Tourist / Gila Monster / Husky (uncredited)
  • Bea Benaderet as Deer / Little Girl / Phone Operator (uncredited)
  • Sara Berner as Various (uncredited)
  • Karlton Kadell as Narrator (uncredited)