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Crossroads is a 1986 cult film starring Ralph Macchio and inspired by the legend of Robert Johnson.

Directed by Walter Hill. Written by John Fusco.

Willie Brown[edit]

  • Where I come from, you don't blow no harp, you don't get no pussy.
  • Blues ain't nothing but a good man feeling bad, thinking about the woman he once was with.
  • Lots of towns … lots of songs … lots of women … good times, bad times … the only thing I wanted anyone to say is … "He could really play … he was good."


  • Scratch's Assistant: See you in hell, blind boy.
  • Scratch's Assistant: Well, well, well. Who sent you here? Can't talk, little man? [laughs] Bet ya can't play none, either!


Willie Brown: Mileage. You can't get that living home with your momma wiping your butt.
Eugene Martone: No, I don't live at home.
Willie Brown: Where you live?
Eugene Martone: It's a school dormitory.
Willie Brown: [sarcastically] Oh, school dormitory. Oh, times is hard. Times is hard!

Willie Brown: You got your mind made up about how everything works, don't you? How you gonna learn anything new when you know everything already?
[He picks up Eugene's old, scratched acoustic guitar]
Willie Brown: Look at this old guitar you been squeaking on. I bet you saw this thing in a music store and bought it just because you thought it was beat up. Well, you got it all wrong. Muddy Waters invented electricity!

Scratch: You looking for me, Willie Brown? Been a long time, hasn't it, Willie? You about 17 last time we saw each other. One night on this old crossroad, wasn't it?
Willie Brown: I come to see you, tell you the deal is off. Now, you slipped up on your end of things. I didn't end up where I wanted. I didn't end up with nothing, didn't get nothing!
Scratch: You got what you was supposed to get, bluesman! Ain't nothing ever as good as we want it to be! But that ain't no reason to break a deal.

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