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Cube Zero is a 2004 sci-fi film primarily about people trapped in a maze of cube-shaped rooms; some rooms contain deadly traps. The first two movies take place almost entirely within the maze while Cube Zero takes place both within the maze and outside the maze. This is a prequel to the original film Cube.

Written and directed by Ernie Barbarash.
Isolation - Panic - Terror. taglines


  • Where's my daughter, Where is... [stutters] ...she. Why can't I remember my daughter's name? Where is she?!


  • Oh, can you use Wynn's aux. monitor because we'll need the big guns here for our little mouse hunt.
  • I hope your shortcut worked, Mr. Quigley.
  • Instant paralysis. They really weren't kidding, were they?
  • I don't trust machines, I have a machine to thank for this [points to his right eye, which is robotic] and this! [pounds the ground with his cane] I want to see them with my own God-given eye!


  • Can we spend five minutes without bringing up Owen?
  • You know what sort of people end up in there.
  • Do you believe in god?


  • She's gonna die in there, and she's probably innocent!
  • This room is... green.
  • Would you forget the party line for a minute and make the call?


Dodd: We'll call up when it's an emergency.
Wynn: Well, what do you think this is?!
Dodd: I don't see a fire, or flooding, or a gas leak or somebody down on the floor having a heart attack! But right now, I sure would like to!

[Wynn reaches out for the telephone and it starts to ring.]
Wynn: Hello? [pause] It's for you.
[Wynn hands the phone to Dodd.]
Dodd: Yes, sir. Right away sir.
[Dodd hangs up.]
Dodd: Someone's at the exit.
Wynn: [panicking] Then what do we do?!
Dodd: The exit procedure.

Cassasndra: Water?
Wynn: [astonished] The auxiliary exit!

Haskell: Hey, you can't go climbing around in here.
[Rains turns around.]
Rains: Why not?
Haskell: There are traps.
Rains: How do you know?
Meyerhold: Because of this.
[He holds up his hand to reveal that he has two fingers cut off.]

Dodd: You know, you shouldn't be looking at the files.
Wynn: It's not against the rules.
Dodd: It's not encouraged.
Wynn: C'mon.
Dodd: [pointedly] It's not encouraged.
Wynn: [muttering] What's got into you?

Rains: Good memory.
Meyerhold: Yeah, in the short term. Now if I could just remember anything between birth and about three hours ago.

Haskell: Look, we had to leave him. If he stayed with us, we'd already be infected with what she had.
Rains: You don't know that!
Wynn:[entering through the hatch at the top of the room] Actually, he's right. It was a highly aggressive form of necrotizing fasciitis. Flesh-eating disease.


  • Isolation - Panic - Terror.
  • Every nightmare has a beginning.



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