Curious Alice

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Video of the entire film

Curious Alice is a 1971 American animated short film produced by the National Institute for Mental Health, based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


March Hare: It's six o'clock! Tea time! Time to take a pill!
Alice: No! Why?
March Hare: Just take a few amphetamines, and you can be like me!
Mad Hatter: Or freak apart your tender brain by taking LSD.
Dormouse: Sleeping pills are beautiful.
King: Heroin is king.
Caterpillar: Everything is clearer now, just let me do my thing.
Mad Hatter: You may blow your mind completely, but won't you take the chance?
Everybody: Will you? Won't you? Will you, won't you? Won't you join the dance?

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