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Curious George is a 2006 traditionally-animated film adaptation of the children's stories.

Directed by Matthew O'Callaghan. Written by Ken Kaufman.


  • You don't give a monkey a latte!
  • Who leaves eight open cans of paint lying around?
  • George, what did you do?
  • What am I doing? This isn't a movie, it's real!
  • It is the same hat! And the same monkey! You followed me all the way from Africa? To play Peekaboo?
  • Junior was right. There is a parking problem in the city!
  • Do yourself a favor, you're gonna want the cucumbers back on.


  • Clovis: [seeing the three-inch idol] Ted, I'm not one to judge. But hasn't its size been exaggerated just a wee bit?
  • Cab Driver: There's no screaming in cabs!


Cab Driver: Where you headed, Yellow?
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Bloomsberry Museum, and I'll give you an extra ten if you don't call me "Yellow", okay?
Cab Driver: Sure thing, Sunshine.

Kids: George, is.
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Okay, his name is...

[Sees George Washington statue.]

Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Washington! His name's Washington.
Kid 3: That's a dumb name!
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: Okay, then call him George! Are you happy?
Kids: All right.

Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: His magnificent idol looks like it came out of a cereal box!
Junior: Wow. That must be a huge box of cereal.

Clovis: That's a lot of yellow for one man.
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: I thought you were colour-blind.
Clovis: I can see that!

Miss Plushbottom: [singing] You are fired!
Painter #1: She fired us in song.
Painter #2: But it still hurt.

Mr. Bloomsberry: I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: I had to admit I came pretty close.
Mr. Bloomsberry: Oh, no. I'm so proud of you. You're like the son I never had.
Junior: Father, I'm your son. Remember?
Mr. Bloomsberry: Well, yes. But I had you.

Ivan: [with a thick Russian accent] If I find a pet, you are evicted.
Ted, The Man with the Yellow Hat: E-what-ed?
Ivan: [enunciating] E-vic-ted.

Pokémon Gotta Dance![edit]

Jessie: A wise answer.
James: And that would be my choice.
Meowth: Showtime! Yeah!


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