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Curly Sue is a 1991 comedy film starring Jim Belushi, Alisan Porter and Kelly Lynch. The film was written and directed by John Hughes. It was Hughes' final film as a director.


  • You lived with him when he was nothing, you suffered his youth and the years of struggle, now you're entitled to half of everything he has.


  • I don't usually smoke cigars, it's just that my friend had a baby.


  • You can cry and not feel sad, just like you can feel sad and not cry.

Mrs. Arnold[edit]

  • Are you all right? You seem a little... nice.


Grey: Want us to walk you inside?
Curly: No, I got it. But thanks for asking.
Bill: Give us a kiss.
Curly: Please, we're in public.
Bill: Good luck.

Curly: We wouldn't even be talking about this if you'd gotten some money out of that lady, we'd be on the road. You didn't because she was too pretty.
Bill: She was too smart.
Curly: And she was too pretty.
Bill: She was in a hurry.
Curly: And she was too pretty.
Bill: She was going to catch onto us.
Curly: And she was too pretty.
Bill: You're pretty, and I don't leave you alone.
Curly: She was too pretty.

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