Cyndi Lauper

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Cyndi Lauper (2011)

Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper (born June 22, 1953), better known as Cyndi Lauper, is a singer.



Interview with Matthew Rettenmund in his book "Totally Awesome 80's" (1996), p. 149-150

  • "It is not a dirty word, "feminism." I just think that women belong in the human population with the same rights as everybody else. … The problem is, "A feminist looks like this, or is like that." We are taught not to like ourselves as women, we are taught what we're supposed to look like, what our measurements are supposed to be. I never hear what measurements men are supposed to be. Just women."
  • on tolerance of gays: "You always have to remember - no matter what you're told - that God loves all the flowers, even the wild ones that grow on the side of the highway."
  • on Catholicism:
    • "...I'm a recovering Catholic. … There's, y'know, the Sisters of Charity, the Sisters of Mercy, and it just so happens that I was with the Sisters of No Charity and No Mercy at All."
    • "When you take a group of people and you repress them and they cut themselves off from their feelings as a human - and a human being has sexual feelings, has bodily feelings - what you are handing over to children is a monster. Because if you are not connected to who you are in your heart, and you don't understand and have compassion for yourself, how in the wide world of sports are you gonna have compassion with forty screaming children?"
    • "I'm against all [the Catholic Church]'s teaching that women are evil and that their power and their sexuality is evil. Let's kinda like get a little beyond that, get Christ-like, you know what I mean?"
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