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Cynthia Marie Lummis Wiederspahn (born September 10, 1954), an American politician and attorney, is serving as the junior United States Senator from Wyoming. Before her tenure in the Senate, she served in the Wyoming House of Representatives from Laramie County, Wyoming Senate from the 5th district, as treasurer of Wyoming, and in the United States House of Representatives from Wyoming's at-large congressional district. She is a member of the Republican Party.


  • States are ready to have the reins of government returned to them. The point of Congress is to uphold the Constitution and represent the states and the people. Today, Washington is more interested in expanding its own power than it is interested in administering the Constitution. I support disruption as a vehicle to return the Constitution to its rightful place as the guiding document for a nation and as a catalyst to empower states. And I support President Donald Trump, our nation’s first elected Disruptor-in-Chief.

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