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Dónal Óg Cusack in 2014.

Dónal Óg Cusack (born 16 March 1977), hurling analyst and former player of the game for the Cork county team.


  • The next news that I saw was on RTE and the heading was 'Lions'. Whatever the Lions is and whatever that means, best of luck to them. The Lions were beaten [this is incorrect, they won], Ireland were playing Japan - that's a challenge game that they were playing out in Japan... I said to myself, whatever about the Lions, whatever that is, whatever about Ireland playing a challenge game in Japan, I don't give a fuck if Scotland are after shocking Australia in a challenge game.
    • Displaying his lack of interest in and complaining about rugby on the news, 13 July 2017
  • I see other sports right, and I like sports, I like all sports, but I see other sports that do not match the hand-eye co-ordination and I see some things being done and it's almost 'stop the world here because did you see the skill.'
    • Displaying his interest in all sports, 14 July 2017
  • The last point I'll make, right, as, as I'm on it, 'cause I think it's often in my mind, I actually believe that type of, you know, accusation of disrespecting the traditions of the games, I actually think it's part of the last remnants of British culture on these islands.

Quotes about Cusack

  • Mr Cusack has been approached a number of times in recent weeks for comments after it emerged that he wrote the letter, and Rape Crisis Networks Ireland has expressed concerns about the practice of submitting reference letters in such cases. The court heard that there was a testimonial from a 'well-known sportsman' in the GAA who detailed Humphries' volunteer work in the GAA and expressed 'shock and disappointment' at his offending.
  • At that meeting, Muskerry divisional board delegate John Crean had expressed concern regarding a character reference Cusack provided for Tom Humphries during the 2017 trial in which the former journalist was convicted of the sexual exploitation and defilement of a child.
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