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D. F. Malan, while editor of Die Burger, ca. 1915

Daniel François Malan (22 May 1874 – 7 February 1959), more commonly known as D. F. Malan, was a South African politician who served as Prime Minister of South Africa from 1948-54. The National Party implemented the system of apartheid, which enforced racial segregation laws. The foundations of apartheid were firmly laid down during his tenure as Prime Minister.


  • Here at Blood River you stand on holy ground. Here was made the great decision about the future of South Africa, about Christian civilization in our land, and about the continued existence and responsible power of the White race … You stand here upon the boundary of two centuries. Behind you, you rest your eyes on the year 1838, … Before you, upon the yet untrodden path of South Africa, lies the year 2038 … Behind you lie the traces of the Voortrekker wagons … Your Blood River lies in the city … [The new trek] is not away from the centres of civilization … but a trek back – back from the country to the city. Today Black and White jostle together in the same labour market … Their [i.e. the Voortrekkers] freedom was, above all, the freedom to preserve themselves as a White race. As you could never otherwise have realized, you realize today their task to make South Africa a White man's land is ten times more your task.
    • Malan at the Blood River centennial celebrations of 16 December 1938, as quoted by Michael Prior in The Bible and Colonialism: A Moral Critique, pp. 93-94, A&C Black, 1997. c.f. Moodie 1975, pp. 198-200.
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