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David James Cathcart King (1913–1989) was a British medieval historian and archaeologist who specialised in the study of castles.

About D. J. Cathcart King[edit]

  • David Cathcart King is well known to all students of the castle: the stocky figure with a slightly aggressive manner, a regular attender for over forty years at the outings of the Cambrians and at one time its President, the lister of Welsh castle with Dr Hogg and of ringworks with Professor Alcock, and compiler of the invaluable list of castles in England and Wales, Castellarium Anglicanum
  • Thompson, Michael (September 1988), "The Castle in England and Wales. An Interpretative History. By D. J. Cathcart King. 24 × 16 cm. Pp. 209, 25 figs., 9 pls. London and Sydney: Croom Helm. ISBN 0-7099-4829-8. £25·00.", The Antiquaries Journal 68 (2): 370, doi:10.1017/S0003581500070049