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DC Showcase: Green Arrow is a 2010 short animated film about Green Arrow, who must protect a young princess at an airport.

Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos. Written by Greg Weisman.

Green Arrow[edit]

  • Sorry I'm late. But you try changing clothes in a hybrid.


  • Pat: [voice-over] And now Sylvester the Sky Man brings you up-to-the-minute traffic from our WST News chopper.

Green Arrow: That dragon almost got us.
Princess Perdita: You do realize I'm 10 and do not require fairy-tale metaphors?
Green Arrow: Sorry. It's my first time rescuing royalty.
Princess Perdita: It is quite a forgivable sin... Robin Hood.

Merc 1: Kill you! Kill you! Kill you!
Green Arrow: Me? Weren't you after the kid?
Princess Perdita: Excuse me?
Green Arrow: Kidding, your Kidness. Kidding.

Merlyn the Magnificent: So, Arrow, once again you've stumbled onto my stage and horned in on my act.
Green Arrow: That's me. Always hogging the limelight.
Merlyn the Magnificent: I seem to recall you lost our last duel. All eight of our last duels.
Princess Perdita: You lost?
Green Arrow: Yeah, but I've been practicing. A lot.

Green Arrow: Vertigo.
Count Vertigo: Count Vertigo to you, peasant. Soon to be King Vertigo once I've dispatched you and the little bi...
Black Canary: Watch your mouth. [Black Canary sonic screams at Vertigo]

[last lines]
[Black Canary sighs]
Black Canary: What would you do without me?
Green Arrow: Well, now that you mention it, and since I'm on my knees anyway. [Green Arrow opens a small box to reveal an engagement ring to Black Canary] I can't live without you, babe. Literally. [Black Canary stares in stunned silence]
Princess Perdita: Say yes. After all, every queen needs a consort.
Green Arrow: She's right... Every queen does.
Black Canary: [she giggles] Yes. The answer is yes.
[Green Arrow puts the ring on Black Canary's finger and kisses her hand. They embrace and kiss]


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