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DC Showcase: The Spectre is a 2010 short animated film about Detective Jim Corrigan, whose suspects are brought to justice by his alter-ego the Spectre.

Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos. Written by Steve Niles.

Jim Corrigan[edit]

  • [Narrating] When most people think of L.A., they think of the bright lights and glamor of Hollywood. But those lights cast dark shadows. Shadows that hide even darker secrets. My name is Corrigan. I'm a cop, and I have a few secrets of my own.
  • [voice-over] Sometimes, there isn't a hell of a lot of satisfaction in my job. It's hard watching talented, beautiful people throw their lives away for nothing... But this is a town where fame and fortune too easily bring out the worst in people. When that happens, I'm here to avenge... That's my secret... I am The Spectre.


[first lines]
Deandre: Morning, Mister Brenner. I enjoyed your latest picture.
Foster Brenner: Thank you, Deandre.

Police Captain: Corrigan! Get your ass in here! Just what do you think you're doing, Corrigan?
Jim Corrigan: Working a case, captain. You know, my job.
Police Captain: The Brenner murder isn't your case just because you had a thing with his daughter! It's Det. Brice's! How about you look into whoever's knocking off our suspects!
Jim Corrigan: Come again?
Police Captain: One of Hollywood's top special effects guys was found squashed like a friggin' bug this morning! And he was on Brice's suspect list!
Jim Corrigan: I'll look into it. And maybe you should tell Brice to work faster.
[the police captain snarls angrily and tosses the newspaper towards Corrigan right after Corrigan leaves the office]

Foster Brenner: Didn't expect to see me again, did you Flynn?
Drew Flynn: You're dead... We killed...
Foster Brenner: Killed me? All because you got cut out of a job? That was worth my life?
[Foster Brenner transforms into The Spectre]
Drew Flynn: Who are you?
The Spectre: I am vengeance. I am the Spectre.
Drew Flynn: This is impossible!
The Spectre: In the land beyond the living, all things are possible.

Aimee Brenner: I could have given you the world.
Jim Corrigan: I left this world a long time ago. [Aimee tries to shoot Corrigan, but nothing happens. She tries to toss her gun at him, but the gun does not hit him] You can't kill a dead man...
The Spectre: ...The guilty must be punished for their crimes.
[Aimee watches in horror as Corrigan transforms into the Spectre. Aimee tries to flee, but the Spectre traps her in a cyclone of money, causing her to bleed to death from being repeatedly sliced and scarred]


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