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We give our souls to our music.

Earl Simmons (born 18 December 1970), better known by his stage name "DMX", is an American rapper.


  • I'd be jealous of the Backstreet Boys when they sold more than me... Going back to Backstreet. They made their label huge and brought them in shitloads of money and now they can't record, I heard, because their label is fucking them around. I feel them. They're real motherfuckers in their own way, but their management "team" refuses to recognize that shit. I feel those men or boys or whatever the fuck you wanna call them. We give our souls to our music. We put our lives on the fucking wax and the labels treat us like shit.
    • On the Backstreet Boys and label problems, as quoted in XXL Magazine


  • Had it? Should've shot it! Now, you're dearly departed.
  • Give a dog a bone, leave a dog alone. Let a dog roam and he'll find his way home.
  • I have no friends.


  • [W]e all thought you loved yourself, but that couldn't have been the issue. Or maybe they're just saying that now, because they miss you. Shit, a nigga tried to diss you? That's why you're laying on your back, looking at the roof of the church. Preacher's telling the truth and it hurts.
    • "Party Up (Up In Here)" (1999), ...And Then There Was X



  • He just talks about eating too much... I don't like anything about Drake. I don’t like his fucking voice. I don’t like what he talks about. I don’t like his face. I don’t like the way he walks. Like, nothing. I don’t like his haircut.
    • Interview with Power 105.1 (23 February 2012), as quoted in TMZ.
  • It just shows what I've said. Fucking piece of shit. Like, motherfucker you ain't even know this woman. You didn't even know her. You were in middle school. Before, I just spoke on what I didn't like about him. I didn't know him so I couldn't say 'I didn't like him. I didn’t like this.' But now it's like, 'you fucking piece of shit. You piece of shit. Who the fuck is you to fucking write…to….to…I mean. Allow her music to live on and not include people she's always worked with? Not include her recipe? That’s like saying, 'you know what? I'ma make KFC but I'm not using the colonel's recipe!' That ain't KFC, nigga! That’s YOUR FC. Your fuckin chicken. [laughs] That’s some bullshit and it ain't the same shit. No let;s talk about this a little longer. That’s some bullshit. That’s some fucking bullshit! Fuck that! Fuck that! I don't give a fuck! What, nigga?! It is what it is man! It's wrong. Honor her legacy. Honor what she did. You have no right to make it yours! If you're going to allow her to live on, do it in a manner that honors what she did. That's all you can do! Respectfully. Rightfully. 'Oh I'm going to make this and re-' Who the fuck are you?! Who the fuck are you to change..?!

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