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Daffy Dilly is a 1948 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones. "Daffy Dilly" is notable for being another early example of a greedy, self-centered Daffy (with some "screwball" elements), as perfected by Jones.

Directed by Chuck Jones. Produced by Eddie Selzer. Story by Michael Maltese.

Daffy Duck[edit]

  • Now don't crowd, folks. Don't crowd. [pause] Well, isn't anybody gonna crowd?
  • [last line of the short film; after being hit in his face with pies, Daffy wipes each one off] It's a living.


Daffy Duck: Oops! How Are Things in Glocca Morra?
Butler: Once and for all, I'm going to...
Daffy Duck: Not so fast, my man, Goddfrey! It becomes increasingly apparent that I'm not wanted around here.
Butler: Wh...
Daffy Duck: Are we to assume that there is anything significant in this attitude of yours? That A: A butler might not want his master to recover his good health.
Butler: But I...
Daffy Duck: That B: Said butler should endeavor to remove from the premises the only person capable of restoring said health, to said master.
Butler: Uh... no, no!
Daffy Duck: Where were you the night of April the 16th?
Butler: I... I...
Daffy Duck: A likely story! I see it all now, you and the upstairs maid. "Do the old boy in" you said. "Elderberry wine and old lace" you said. "Then, the quick getaway" you said. Rio De Janerio, tropical nights, romance and a heavy bank account!
Butler: No! No!
Daffy Duck: Yes! Yes! But, you weren't smart enough John. Alias Johnnie. Alias Jack. Alias Jackie! Phew! What's Humphrey Bogart got that I ain't got?

Voice cast[edit]

  • Mel Blanc as Daffy Duck / Reporter / Butler / J.P. Cubish.

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