Dairin Soto

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Dairin Soto (1480 - January 27, 1568) was a Japanese haiku poet.


  • Realize that the taste of tea and the taste of Zen are the same and absorb the wind in the pines. Then will your mind be undefiled.
    • H. Paul Varley, ‎Isao Kumakura. Tea in Japan: Essays on the History of Chanoyu. 1989. p. 62

Quotes about Dairin Soto

  • Zen master Dairin Soto (1480-1568), founder of Nanshuji temple in Sakai, wrote [a verse] on a portrait of Takeno Jōō: Formerly, he maintained bonds to the unhindered cause of Amida Buddha's [Vow], Then changed schools and actively endeavored [in Zen].
    • Chanoyu Quarterly, Nr. 53-56, 1988. p. 41
  • Dairin Soto (1480-1568), ninetieth abbot of Daitokuji temple in Kyoto and founder of Nanshuji Temple in Sakai, wrote on a portrait of Takeno Jōō. Jōō practiced Zen under Dairin and received the layman's title Ikkan ~53 in 1549, at the age of forty-eight.
    • J. Ikeda. Wind in the Pines: Classic Writings of the Way of Tea as a Buddhist Path. 1995