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Dalida in 1961

Dalida, stage name of Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti (17 January 1933 - 3 May 1987) was a French superstar, born in Egypt to Italian parents.


  • Quand on dit "je t'aime", on veut dire "aime-moi".[1]
    • Translation: When they[people] say "I love you", they mean "love me".
  • Je n'étais pas une femme, mais une industrie de la chanson.[2]
    • Translation: I wasn't a woman, I was a song factory.
  • Je crois que mon rêve a toujours été de devenir quelqu'un. De reussir dans la vie, dans la spectacle, je ne savais pas exactement quoi, mais cette ou chante ou joue la comédie, ou faire du cinema ou du teatre... c'était le spectacle.[3]
    • Translation: I believe that my dream has always been to become someone. To succeed in life, in the show, I did not know exactly what, but it was or singing or acting, or do cinema or theater... it was the show.
  • J'ai traversé la vie sans la regarder. Je sais ce qu'est ma vie. Mon mari, c'est le public. Les chansons, ce sont mes enfants.[4]
    • Translation: I went through life without looking at it. I know what my life is. My husband, that is public. The songs, those are my children.
  • La vie m'est insupportable, pardonnez-moi.[5]
    • Translation: Life has become unbearable, forgive me.

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