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Daniel James Howell (born 11 June 1991) is an English YouTuber, presenter, and author.


  • This experience coming from a childhood hearing the word gay meaninglessly thrown around as an insult at home and school, in music, on TV, to then realizing I am actually kinda gay, to then very specifically being attacked for it, was traumatic.
  • I have a platform and a following of millions of people, many of whom I know have been through exactly what I have. And if I tell my story, as painful and flip floppy and flawed as it is, I know it will mean something to someone, as every time someone speaks openly about sexuality, it saves lives.
  • We get dealt cards from the start, too. If you look at my life, I was born into this world as an able-bodied, white, cis man in Britain, which immediately gives me so much privilege in this current world and I am fully aware of how much harder making it to today could have been for me, which is why we all need to stand up for equality and social justice, even if it doesn't apply to us.
  • I’m here, I’m queer, and don’t worry, I’m still full of existential fear.
  • Queer people exist. Choosing not to accept them is not an option.
  • If a gay person dyes their hair, they are a visibly spiraling crisis twink. [...] That is a stereotype, and you know what, some stereotypes are true, and that is one of them.
  • I’ve come out of the closet, now I just need the confidence to actually leave the house.
  • Every single one of us needs to be there for each other, not just in the big profound ways but sometimes just the really small and important ways.
  • School friends don’t have to be people that you actually get on with, they’re just people that you bond with after sharing a traumatic situation for several years.

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