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Danger Man (1960 -1962, 1964 - 1968) was a British TV series about secret agent John Drake, a special operative for NATO, specializing in security assignments against any subversive element that threatened world peace.

Season 1

All season 1 episodes were intended for a half-hour slot.

View from the Villa [1.01]

Drake: Your husband was murdered in an apartment on the other side of Rome… There was evidence that he was sharing that apartment with a woman.
Stella: Now you just surprised me, John… I never knew Frank had that much initiative.

Time to Kill [1.02]

Drake: [voice-over] It was a cold, windy morning—it would be. My orders were to sit at a corner table of a certain cafe at 6.15, precisely. I was supposed to be reading a copy of Ici Paris while I awaited the arrival of the inevitable mysterious stranger. Heh, these security boys must sit up nights working out the cloak and dagger stuff.

Lisa: [as Drake prepares his rifle] You are going to kill someone?
Drake: His name is Vogeler. Hans Vogeler.
Lisa: You are going to murder him?
Drake: That was not my intention. My intention was to get him out of the country.
Lisa: You are going to murder him!
Drake: Miss Orin, you teach your children to live in peace; but, there are some men who thrive on hate, Miss Orin. They make a profession out of war. There aren't many, but they're dangerous and have to be stopped. Hans Vogeler is a professional assassin.

Josetta [1.03]

Drake: [voice-over] An insidious whispering campaign in San Pablo had rumored that my government was involved in the death of the rising young patriot, Senator Enguix. That he had been shot in the presence of his blind sister excited the imagination of the public, so much so that it stirred them to anti-American riots, even to besieging our embassy. There was only one answer to this mass hysteria: discover who was really responsible.

Drake: We all know that Lt. Cortez killed your brother. He is confident that he is safe from discovery. We must shake that confidence. If we can do so, even momentarily, we may force him into making a mistake.
Josetta: What can I do, Mr. Drake?
Drake: You are going to make Cortez think that you can see, that you saw him shoot you brother.
Josetta: But, how could I?
Drake: It will take a great deal of perseverance and practice. But, if I may say so, I think that you are a most determined young lady, Senorita.
Josetta: I will do my best, Mr. Drake.

The Blue Veil [1.04]

Drake: [voice-over] Men have died, nations have split themselves asunder on the terrible rock of slavery. Yet, it still exists today. Word had reached the United Nations Council that the age-old bartering in human lives was flourishing behind the great wastes of the Arabian Desert. Slaves were being stolen from along the coast and sold to the chieftains like cattle in the market. These coastal peoples have their own very definite facial characteristics; some close-up photographs of them, taken on the spot, would be identification and proof enough of their slavery.

Hassan: Are you not afraid of the fat one?
Drake: Why, should I be?
Hassan: He has great magic. His powers are many.
Drake: What could he do to me?
Hassan: Turn you into a camel!
Drake: Oh, then I could go for three days without drinking, huh?


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