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Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer is a 1956 film about frontiersman Daniel Boone and his family who must fight for survival when their fort is attacked by the British and Indians.

Directed by Albert C. Gannaway. Written by Tom Hubbard and John Patrick.
Conquer of the Savage Frontier!  (taglines)


Andy Callaway: Well, this is it - a few sacks of grain, a few bags of powder. It'll take months to get enough settlers and supplies down here to man this fort. Meanwhile we can't fight redcoats and redskins!
Daniel Boone: It's up to us to keep the peace.
Andy Callaway: With a tomahawk in your back?
Daniel Boone: It isn't how you die, it's what you live for.

Jamima Boone: I've been watching you and Susannah...
Faron Callaway: Uh-huh.
Jamima Boone: And I don't think you understand women.
Faron Callaway: Who does?
Jamima Boone: Another woman.

John Holder: No man can get though that and live.
Kenton: If any man can, Boone will.


  • Conquer of the Savage Frontier!


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