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Danielle Kathleen Savre (August 26, 1988 –) is an American actress and singer.


  • I would like to say that I live in Hollywood and I sleep in Simi. I am in LA every single day. I do not want to move there because I like the escape, the quiet in Simi.
  • I’m not the biggest fan of long walks on the beach but I do love being on a boat, that fulfills the scenic water element right? In all seriousness, I’ve been acting since I was seven years old and I love it. I’ve been blessed to work with amazing people on wonderful projects and made great friends along the way. Besides acting, I love laughing, eating, being adventurous and I’m simply excited about what the future may hold.
  • I live in a world of actors where everyone is a little crazy to begin with, but it was interesting that he said all these elements to this disorder. I was like, “Oh my gosh!” I feel like this will be a great challenge to play the role, but I can tap into that because I feel like I know someone with that disorder.

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