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Abu Mansur Daqiqi (c. 935 — 977) was one of the most prominent Persian poets of the Samanid era.


  • Daqiqi has chosen four qualities of all good and evil things in the world:
    Ruby-colored lips and the sound of the lute.
    Old red wine and the Zoroastrian religion!
    • Stewart, Sarah: The Zoroastrian Flame: Exploring Religion, History and Tradition, 2016
  • Choice wine, whose bitter strength can sweeten best
    The embittered mind, and flood
    The air with colour, as when goshawk's breast
    Is dyed with pheasant's blood
    • Quoted in Studies in Islamic Poetry, p. 9
  • A composite whose body is of light,
    But all its soul and spirit of fiery strain;
    A star that hath its setting in the mouth,
    But ever rises on the cheeks again
    • Quoted in Studies in Islamic Poetry, p. 9
  • O would that in the world there were no night,
    That I might ne'er be parted from her lips!
    No scorpion-sting would sink deep in my heart
    But for her scorpion coils of darkest hair.
    If' neath her lip no starry dimple shone,
    I would not linger with the stars till day;
    And if she were not cast in beauty's mould,
    My soul would not be moulded of her love.
    If I must live without my Well-beloved,
    O God! I would there were no life for me.
    • Quoted in Studies in Islamic Poetry, p. 11
  • To ward the kingdom, Fortune took thy sword,
    And beauty chose thy hand, herself to word.
    In Heaven for thy decree Fate listening stands,
    The dinar from its ore sets out to win thy hands.
    • Quoted in Studies in Islamic Poetry, p. 15

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