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Darby O'Gill and the Little People is a 1959 film about an old codger who matches wits with the king of the leprechauns and helps play matchmaker for his daughter.

Directed by Robert Stevenson. Written by Lawrence Edward Watkin, based on the stories of Herminie Templeton Kavanagh.
A touch O'Blarney... a heap O'Magic and A LOAD O'LAUGHTER!  (taglines)

Darby O'Gill[edit]

  • This wasn't like any old Leprechaun that you wouldn't say hello twice to. But who was he, but Brian Conners himself, the King of them all! But I got me eye fixed on 'im. They can't escape, ye know, as long as ye don't look away. Now the night was dark, and the mountain was covered with mist, and the moon was no bigger than the light from a hay-penny candle. But it didn't hide 'im from me, for there he stood, with an angry little gob on him, an' his face as fierce as fire...

King Brian[edit]

  • Three wishes I'll grant ye, great wishes an' small! But you wish a fourth and you'll lose them all! [laughs]


Katie O'Gill: Come in, Mrs. Sugrue!
Sheelah Sugrue: Katie, darlin'! Can you lend me the loan of a small pinch o' tea; I'll pay ye back Thursday.
Katie O'Gill: Ye can have it an' welcome.

Katie O'Gill: Your lordship, why didn't ye tell us ye were comin'? I'd have opened the manor house for you.
Lord Fitzpatrick: Oh I'll not be stoppin' here long enough for that. Where's your father?
Katie O'Gill: Well now, let me see, um... I heard him sayin' somthin' about cuttin' the weeds around the summer house. I think he'll have gone to have the smithy sharpen his scythe. I'll fetch him for ye, your lordship.
Lord Fitzpatrick: Well, that's good of you.
[she runs off to the village]
Lord Fitzpatrick: That Katie's a grand girl. Almost makes up for her father.
Michael McBride: What ails him?
Lord Fitzpatrick: Oh nothin' at all, but he retired about five years ago and didn't tell me about it. He'll be down at the inn now tellin' stories.

[Katie's fever breaks]
Molly Malloy: It's a miracle! She's fine an' sonsy like a baby woken from sleep!
[Michael runs in to her]
Katie O'Gill: Michael, what a temper I have.
Michael McBride: [smiling] Well, I like a lively girl.

Paddy Scanlon: Stay away from Knocknasheega, Darby. Ye moil an' meddle wi' that little king, he'll put the come-hither on ye, an' make you his slave forevermore.
Darby O'Gill: Do ye think I'm a babe in arms?
Paddy Scanlon: You are to the likes of 'im! Five thousand years old he is, an' every year of his life he's learned a knew trick.
Darby O'Gill: And I've learned a hundred of 'em!

[Darby is inside the fairy mountain]
King Brian: Once you're here, there's no goin' back.
Darby O'Gill: [standing] I gotta get back to Katie!
King Brian: Ah, you needn't worry about Katie. She'll give you a grand wake an' then she'll forget all about you.
Darby O'Gill: [angrily] Mind what you say about Katie!
King Brian: Calm yourself now, calm yourself!
Darby O'Gill: What've I ever done to you?
King Brian: Nothing, Darby.
Darby O'Gill: Who tells all the stories about ye?
King Brian: You do, Darby.
Darby O'Gill: Aye, who makes the women watch where they're throwin' their wash water when you an' your lads are out walking invisible?
King Brian: You do, Darby.
Darby O'Gill: An' who makes the men tip their hats respectful to every swirl o' dust?
King Brian: You. You've done grand.
Darby O'Gill: So you put the come-hither on me, that's 'ow ye pay me back! You ungrateful little frainey! Your heart's as cold as a white Christmas!
The other leprechauns: [in Irish] Blackguard!
Darby O'Gill: They better watch what they're sayin'. I speak Gaelic too! Now you listen to me!
King Brian: No, you listen to me! Phadrig Oge was standin' under the white thorn tree by the summer house when his Lordship gave you the bad news today. And, the moment I heard you were in trouble I swore I'd take you out of it! And if you're the good, decent man I think you are, you'll be showin' me a little bit of gratitude!
Darby O'Gill: [abashed] I am grateful.
King Brian: Then you can forget the tears an' troubles of the world outside. There's nothin' but fun and diversion here!

Michael McBride: What kind of man are you at all, who doesn't believe in the little people?
Pony Sugrue: Maybe you'd like to find out.
Michael McBride: Indeed I would. You know, someone beat me over the head that night, and I thought it was the little people. But when I spoke to King Brian about it, he said that you should take the consequences.
Pony Sugrue: What consequences?
Michael McBride: Indeed, that's what I asked his Majesty. And you know what he said? He said, "If I were you, I'd poke the blackguard in the face."
[they fight; Pony is knocked down]

Darby O'Gill: King Brian! King Brian! King Brian!
King Brian: [materializing behind him] What is it, man?
Darby O'Gill: Your Highness!
King Brian: What is it?
Darby O'Gill: [pointing] It's the Coiste-bodhar! The death coach! Send it away! It's comin' for Katie! Send it away!
King Brian: But it's not within my powers, man! Once it sets out it can never return empty!
Darby O'Gill: Then give me me third wish, and let it take me instead!
King Brian: You don't know what you're askin' for!
Darby O'Gill: You promised! Don't break your word!
King Brian: Darby O'Gill, never in me born days...
Darby O'Gill: Give me me third wish!
King Brian: [shakes his head] More's the pity. Granted.

[inside the Death Coach]
Darby O'Gill: In the years to come, maybe you'll keep an eye on Katie and Michael.
King Brian: I'll do that. T'is a pity you won't be there to see them married.
Darby O'Gill: Ah, it's better for the old to die than the young. In the end, we all have to go.
King Brian: That ye do.
[pause, King Brian gets a sly look on his face]
King Brian: I wish I could go with you all the way.
Darby O'Gill: [sighs] I wish ye could, too.
King Brian: [laughing] An' you a knowledgeable man! Ha ha ha ha! Darby, you've wished your fourth wish! [Darby starts] Good-bye, Darby me friend!
[Brian magically pushes him out of the coach; the coach drives off with Brian inside, still laughing]


  • A touch O'Blarney... a heap O'Magic and A LOAD O'LAUGHTER!


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