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Darksiders is an action role-playing hack and slash video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. The game takes its inspiration from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with the player taking the role of the horseman War.

The Watcher[edit]

  • Let's lay down a few ground rules. Until this is over, you're a dog on a leash. I say bark, you bark. And if I have to kick you, you'd better not bare your teeth. Understand? Or should I teach you to play dead?
  • Are you not entertained!?


  • Old Vulgrim's got something new for you!


  • The Horseman is broken, but there is still much power in him. For a moment, I saw one who would stand alone against the Destroyer's army.


Charred Council: The Law is clear: When the Seventh Seal is broken... Four Horsemen shall ride forth to punish the wicked... be they sons of Men... Lords of Heaven... or the Dregs of Hell... All upon the Earth will be judged, and the pact forged anew... YOU FORGET YOUR POST, HORSEMAN! YOU FORGET THE LAW! No call was given! Yet the Destroyer marched, and there you were found-under his black banner if the claims are true.
War: To hell with your claims! The Seals were broken! I was summoned!
Charred Council: But where are the other Horsemen? Were they not "summoned" as well? The Seventh Seals are hidden, as they have been since the pact was forged, eons ago... all of them intact... there was no call. You aided the Dark Ones. Broke a sacred covenant that has doomed Mankind, and threatened the balance! Do you deny it?
War: When I rode... Heaven and Hell were already at war. Abaddon was there. He KNEW something!
Charred Council: Abaddon fell, fighting off the chaos you unleashed!
War: I fought, powerless against the demons! And still you accuse me!?
Charred Council: Your defeat proves nothing! Likely, the Destroyer cast you aside when he was finished with you! You have defiled the Law, Horseman. You will be punished.
War: I serve only the Council. Only the Balance. As the Horsemen always have. Send me back. I will punish the ones responsible.
Charred Council: How? What hope do you have against the Destroyer's armies? You are powerless!
War: Then I will fail, and the demons will have carried out your sentence.
Charred Council: Very well. You will return to the Earth. But, you will be watched. Come forth.

Samael: War! Are you here to play executioner? They should have sent all four of you.
War: I have no interest in killing you, Samael.
Samael: Ha! The Destroyer? He's beyond your reach. Beyond mine.
War: Has prison made you a coward?
Samael: [Roars at War] Perhaps there is a way... But, you will need to get inside the Destroyer's spire. The Tower is guarded by four of his Chosen. Bring me their Hearts. And ask me no questions... My reasons for helping you are my own.
War: Where can I find these "Guardians"?
Samael: First, seek the Twilight Cathedral where the Bat Queen Tiamat has gone to roost. The whole of her domain is a blistered inferno. By land, you will never reach it. Find the high ground... with this. [Grants War the Shadowflight ability] And bring me her still-beating Heart!

Tiamat: Has the Council reduced the Horsemen to common assassins? Or has Samael bought your loyalty? Because, if you are for sale, Rider... perhaps we can strike a deal.
War: You won't like my terms.

Vulgrim: Tragic... Without your feathered friend, how will you escape this prison of rock?
War: I'll find a way.
Vulgrim: You have certainly proven yourself... resourceful. Perhaps I can provide a quicker way.
War: Speak plainly, Demon...
Vulgrim: Serpent Holes... Ancient paths that worm their way beneath the husk of this dead world... and beyond. I use them to get about, and for a price... so can you.
War: What do you want... Vulgrim?
Vulgrim: A trifle really... the Chosen's heart. I felt its power the moment you stepped from that tower.
[War glares at Vulgrim]
Vulgrim: You wound me, Horseman... I would never come between you and your friend, Samael. No, I only wish to look at the heart. One glance... and our bargain is sealed.
[War holds out Tiamat's heart and Vulgrim approaches it, chuckling. War hides the heart again]
Vulgrim: Samael will be pleased. The Serpent Holes are yours, Horseman. Seek me out when you wish to use them.

The Watcher: Changing the deal already, Samael?
Samael: Be silent, filth. [Backhands the Watcher] My business is with the Horseman.

Silitha: You honor me with your presence, Horseman. There are so many stories about you. You have killed three of the Chosen. Taken their hearts. Disturbing. Is that why you have come? To slay the final Tower Guardian? To take my heart? Did Samael tell you how we came to bear his tainted blood? Why his accursed power beats within our breast? It is not the tower that the Chosen protect, Horseman. Our charge is to prevent Samael's return at any cost. You may kill me and return to Samael with my heart. But in him, you will face a threat greater than all the Chosen combined.
War: I did not come for your counsel, spider. Or your stories.
Silitha: My children will dance to the music of your screams!

Straga: Hmm... You are stronger than Straga remembers. But here you face Straga with no hope of victory or escape. Straga is the mightiest of the Destroyer's CHOSEN!
War: And the last. Your master chose poorly.
Straga: [Laughs] Straga will enjoy killing you again!

Uriel: This is no ambush, Horseman. I come alone. I, Uriel of the Hellguard, Champion of the White City, call you, Horseman, to Nex Sacramentum.
War: Fool...
Uriel: I lay claim to your life before the Creator... will you dishonor this law as well?
War: Why?
Uriel: Because Abaddon said you understood honor... and because... he was the best of us.
War: The Death Oath cannot be broken... until one falls by the hand of the other. I accept.

The Watcher: Keep getting up. I'll just kill you again.
[War backhands the Watcher]
The Watcher: I was just following orders! Like you!
[War punches the Watcher]
The Watcher: What are you going to do? Fight the Council? Fight everyone?
[War kicks the Watcher]
The Watcher: You'll never get away! Do you hear me!? NEVER! Don't... forget... who holds... the leash...
War: [Grabs the Watcher's head] I haven't forgotten. [Crushes the Watcher's head]

[Uriel levels her sword at War]
Uriel: You knew. You knew what would happen here, what I would do. That's why you spared me!
War: No.
Uriel: Then why?!
War: Because I would not have the last of Heaven's honour die with its champion. [Mollified, Uriel and the other angels lower their weapons]
Uriel: All debts are repaid. The duty I uphold, it may call me to raise my sword against you, and if that day comes...I won't hesitate. [War turns to leave] You will be hunted! The White City for certain, the Council and there will be others! You would wage this war alone?!
War: No.[holding up the broken Seventh Seal] Not alone. [in the distance, three meteors fall, heralding the arrival of the other Horsemen]

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