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Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. aka Jay Brooks aka MathBoi Fly aka Flytalk1oo aka FlyRu17oo is a suspect held in relation to the Waukesha car attack on 21 November 2021 which killed five people and injured 40 people, including at least eleven children.


  • Have you heard ‘X (prod. by Lil B On Da Track)’ by MathBoi Fly on #SoundCloud? #np
  • They gonna need a cleaner for the shit we did, all my killers Gacey where them bodies hid.
    • song lyrics to ?
  • Sliding through the city with no safety on.
    • song lyrics
  • fuck Donald Trump .. fuck the pigs
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  • eh we terrorists ..killers in the city
    • song lyrics to "Loudmouth"
  • Gon Kill U
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  • It made me come to the conclusion that this man wasn't family or kin to me.
    Family shouldn't hurt family the way he did.
    It has brought my trust in people to become very low than it already has.
    • September 2020 in a Victim Impact Statement pleading for a judge to file a no-contact order, written by Darrell's nephew Anaji Brooks after Darrell shot Anaji in June 2020, according to Gould and Smith of Daily Mail


  • Darrell E. Brooks, black male, late 30s is the suspect in custody in Waukesha.
    • 21 November 2021 by Karol Markowicz of New York Post in tweet
  • The man in custody over the mass casualty incident at the #Waukesha, Wis. Christmas parade has posts on his social media in support of BLM causes, George Floyd & black nationalism. He also has a post about how to get away with running people over on the street.
  • According to court documents, 39-year-old Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. has been arrested as a suspect in the incident.
  • The ‘person of interest’ who allegedly drove the SUV into the peaceful crowd at Gasper Avenue and Main Street in Waukesha has been apprehended by investigators.
    Darrell Edward Brooks Jr., who was discovered by cops with the key to a Ford vehicle, has been identified as the person in custody.
    The 39-year-old is a career criminal as well as a rapper who goes by the stage name MathBoi Fly.
    One of his music videos features а red SUV similаr to the one thаt plowed into the Wаukeshа pаrаde. Brooks’ connection to the Wаukeshа pаrаde.
  • On another MathBoi Fly Facebook page belonging to Darrell Brooks, in the name Jay Brooks, he wrote about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict; that trial occurred about an hour away from Milwaukee and Waukesha.
    When a friend wrote on the post, “Doesn’t surprise me, what a joke,” Brooks responded, “frfr…but u rite,I wasn’t surprised 1 bit 🤷🏽‍♂️.” The page is filled with religious sayings.
  • A suspect with a record of posting anti-white hatred online plows his SUV into a crowd of what appears to be white people.
  • Waukesha Parade Massacre Suspect’s Criminal Record; Milwaukee Courts Let Him Free
  • Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, a 39-year-old black male with a long criminal history, has been identified as the individual allegedly responsible for the horrific rampage in Waukesha, Wisconsin which killed at least five and injured dozens of others, some of them children.
    Media reports have confirmed the identity of the alleged driver, Darrell E. Brooks, a registered sex offender who admitted in a video that he pimps children. The career criminal was released back into the streets on a paltry $1000 bond despite being charged with bail-jumping and facing a plethora of violent felonies and misdemeanors just over two weeks ago, according to Wisconsin Court Records.”
  • Media assertions in the immediate aftermath of the massacre in Waukesha that the killer did not deliberately drive into his victims because he was being ‘pursued by police’ have been proven completely untrue.
    Brooks deliberately rammed into dozens of victims, having decided to take the parade route when he could have turned down a number of less busy roads instead.
    Now watch the story completely disappear from the headlines, as what would be the culprit’s clear motive – anti-white hatred whipped up by media hysteria and biased coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial – vanishes into the ether.
  • A white kid in Wisconsin shoots three threats and kills two of them in self defense and the fake news media declares him a white supremacist to the world.
    A black supremacist in Wisconsin targets white people and murders them with his SUV and the fake news media blames the SUV.
  • I used to blame him on my friend.
    But when my mother first met him she was like 'I don't like him,' and my younger sister said there's something about him she didn't like as well.
    But they never told me what it was they didn't like.
    I always knew him as Fly.
    He came over and we chitchatted, but he didn't stay here — my mother wouldn't let him.
    He was always cool, he used to tell me I needed to finish school and he was always saying he was proud of me.
    I can't have that in my life.
    You don't know what people are capable of doing until they do it.
  • Dear Mainstream Media—a man intentionally drove his car through a parade killing 6 and injuring 50+. It was not an ACCIDENT.
    🔥Call it by its name🔥 #WaukeshaMassacre And it was a domestic terror attack.
    Don't minimize. Please.
    • 24 November 2021 tweet by Debra Messing.

Criminal Complaint Filed 11-23-2021[edit]

Criminal Record[edit]

  • State Of Wisconsin Department Of Justice
Name: BROOKS, DARRELL Date of Birth: 2/21/1982


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