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Daryl Davis in 2017

Daryl Davis (born March 26, 1958) is an American bandleader, musician, activist, and author known for his efforts to improve race relations.


  • The lesson learned is: ignorance breeds fear. If you don't keep that fear in check, that fear will breed hatred. If you don't keep hatred in check, it will breed destruction.
    • Dancing with the Devil by Bob Massey, Special to The Washington Post, Sunday, July 5, 1998
  • What I have come to find to be the greatest and most effective and successful weapon that we can use, known to man, to combat such adversaries as ignorance, racism, hatred, violence, is also the least expensive weapon, and the one that is the least used by Americans. That weapon is called communication.
  • I am a musician, not a psychologist or sociologist. If I can do that, anybody in here can do that. Take the time to sit down and talk with your adversaries. You will learn something and they will learn something from you. When two enemies are talking, they are not fighting. They are talking. It's when the talking ceases that the ground becomes fertile for violence. So keep the conversation going.

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