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Dave Matthews in 2007

David John "Dave" Matthews (born January 9, 1967, in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a South African-American musician, and actor. He is best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band.


  • So I watched the Pink Panther last night, and so I'm trying desperately to be funny, and then it's just not working out so good... I wonder if maybe I could've been a comedian or something like that, or maybe I could've been a doctor, then I wouldn't have to make anyone laugh.
  • Oh! We already, we done already done it, done it, dammit! I could you know, like, sing a thing, and then not sing it for a little while, and then sing it again... and people would be like, "Why'd he sing that again?"
    • Before "Halloween", Live at Luther College
  • There's often a lot of stupid ideas like "you all dress as fruits and pretend you're selling underpants" or "we'll put you on a bed of nails and drive a truck over the top and photograph you" for the cover.
    • Q&A: The Dave Matthews Band, interview by Richard Deitsch on CNN.com[1]
  • Being a physicist, my father was a great believer in progress, but he also loved nature. He was a photographer, and outside of taking the occasional family photographs, all he did was photograph nature. He loved birds. That meant a lot to me growing up. Healthy progress also means we have to be concerned for the environment. That may have something to do with what I believe about farming.
    • "The Craftsman: Dave Matthews," interview by Dave Hoekstra for Farm Aid
  • That's the magic of this band: shooting from the hip. The lights have to follow our cues, because we're not going to follow their cues. We're not going to stick to a song the way it's supposed to be. Everything is up to us. That's music to me. That's American music. We're an American band.
  • I'm way more American than George Bush and Dick Cheney.
    • Rolling Stone interview "The Devil and Dave Matthews" (January 22, 2004)

Dave Matthews Band Albums[edit]

Remember Two Things (1993)[edit]

  • He wakes up in the morning
    Does his teeth, bite to eat and he's rolling
    Never changes a thing.
    The week ends the week begins
    She thinks, we look at each other
    Wondering what the other is thinking
    But we never say a thing
    These crimes between us grow deeper.
  • Take these chances
    Place them in a box until a quieter time
    Lights down, you up and die.
    • Ants Marching
  • Candyman tempting the thoughts of a
    Sweet tooth tortured by the weight loss
    Program cutting the corners.
    Loose end, loose end, cut, cut.
    On the fence, could not to offend.
    Cut, cut, cut, cut.
    • Ants Marching
  • So why would you care
    To get out of this place?
    You and me and all our friends,
    Such a happy human race.
    Eat, drink and be merry,
    For tomorrow we die.
  • Satellite headlines read
    Someone's secrets you've seen.
    Eyes and ears have been
    Satellite dish in my yard.
    Tell me more, tell me more.
    Who's the king of your Satellite Castle?
  • So let us sleep outside tonight,
    Lay down in our mother's arms,
    for here we can rest safely.
    • One Sweet World
  • Would you like to play
    With the thought of a friend
    In a distant passing stage
    While you lie around
    With your hands up and out
    So resigned you will fall down.
    • The Song That Jane Likes
  • If at all God's gaze falls upon us all it's with a mischievous grin, look at him.
    • Seek Up
  • I'm not going to change my ways just to please you, or appease you.
    • Seek Up
  • You seek up a big monster for him to fight your wars for you.
    • Seek Up
  • Every day things change, but basically they stay the same.
    • Seek Up

Under the Table and Dreaming (1994)[edit]

  • See you and me, have a better time than most can dream.
    Have it better than the best, so we can pull on through.
    Whatever tears at us... whatever holds us down,
    And if nothing can be done, well make the best of whats around.
    • The Best Of What's Around
  • Turns out not where, but who you're with, that really matters.
    • The Best Of What's Around
  • I don't understand at best,
    I cannot speak for all the rest.
    But you may find a lifetime's passed you by.
    Every dog has its day, every day has its way
    Of being forgotten.
  • Leave the big door open, everyone'll come around...
    • Typical Situation
  • I am who I am who I am who am I
    Requesting some enlightenment
    Could I have been anyone other than me?
    • Dancing Nancies
  • What I want is what I've not got, but what I need is all around me.

Crash (1996)[edit]

  • I find sometimes it's easy to be myself, sometimes I find it's better to be somebody else.
  • Celebrate we will
    Because life is short
    But sweet for certain
    We're climbing two by two
    To be sure these days continue.
  • Hey my love do you believe that we might last a thousand years or more if not for this?
    • Two Step
  • You've got your ball,
    You've got your chain.
    Tied to me tight, tie me up again.
    Who's got their claws
    In you my friend?
    Into your heart, I'll beat again.
    Sweet like candy to my soul,
    Sweet you rock
    And sweet you roll.
    Lost for you, I'm so lost for you.
  • I will go in this way
    Oh and I'll find my own way out.
  • Now let's make this an evening
    Lovers for a night, lovers for tonight.
    Stay here with me, love, tonight.
    Just for an evening
    When we make
    Our passion pictures.
    You and me twist up,
    Secret creatures.
    And we'll stay here.
    Tomorrow go back to being friends.
  • And I can't believe that we would lie in our graves,
    Dreaming of things that we might have been.
  • The future is no place to place your better days.
    • Cry Freedom

Before These Crowded Streets (1998)[edit]

  • Come and relax now, put your troubles down.
    No need to bear the weight of your worries, just let them all fall away.
  • And as you go I will spread my wings.
    Yes, I will call this home.
    I have no time to justify to you,
    Fool, you're blind, move aside for me.
    All I can say to you my new neighbor,
    You must move on or I will bury you.
  • We were walking
    Just the other day.
    It was so hot outside,
    You could fry an egg.
    Remember you were talking,
    I watched as sweat ran down your face.
    Reached up and I caught it at your chin,
    Licked my fingertips.
  • I was just wondering if you'd come along,
    Hold up my head when my head won't hold on.
    I'll do the same if the same is what you want.
    But if not I'll go... I'll go alone.
  • I need so.. to be in your arms, see your smile, hold you close".
    • The Stone
  • Lying under this spell you cast on me
    Each moment
    The more I love you.
  • Crazy how it feels tonight
    Crazy how you make it all alright love
    You crush me with the things you do
    And I do for you anything too.
    • Crush
  • Don't burn the day away.
  • Look, here are we on this starry night staring into space, and I must say I feel as small as dust lying down here.
    • Pig

Listener Supported (1999)[edit]

  • The road to you is long, and I've been on it for a while.
    • #40

The Lillywhite Sessions (2001)[edit]

  • Without hatred where's the light?
    Without darkness where's the love?

Everyday (2001)[edit]

  • We're strange allies,
    With warring hearts.
    What wild-eyed beast you be?
    The Space Between
    The wicked lies we tell
    And hope to keep us safe from the pain.
  • Don't you know when you give life, then you become what you are?
    • What You Are

Busted Stuff (2002)[edit]

  • A rolling stone, that gathers no moss, but leaves a trail of busted stuff.
    • Busted Stuff
  • You know she's gonna leave my broken heart behind her.
    • Busted Stuff
  • Move into kiss those sweet sugar lips, baby looks just like love.
    • Busted Stuff
  • She prays to God most every night
    And though she swears he doesn't listen there's a little hope in her he might.
  • Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything.
    • Grey Street
  • There’s an emptiness inside her
    And she’d do anything to fill it in.
    And though it’s red blood bleeding from her now,
    It’s more like cold blue ice in her heart.
    She feels like kicking out all the windows,
    And setting fire to this life.
    She could change everything about her using colors bold and bright,
    But all the colors mix together - to grey.
    • Grey Street
  • Excuse me please one more drink.
    Could make it strong cause I don’t need to think
    She broke my heart, my Grace is gone.
    One more drink and I’ll move on.
    One more drink and I’ll be gone.
  • If I go before I’m old,
    Oh brother of mine please don’t forget me if I go.
    Bartender please, fill my glass for me?
    With the wine you gave Jesus that set him free,
    after three days in the ground.

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (2009)[edit]

  • Funny the way it is, if you think about it.
    Somebody's going hungry, someone else is eating out.
    Funny the way it is, not right or wrong.
    Somebody's heart is broken, it becomes your favorite song.
  • And when you wake, you will fly away, holding tight to the legs of all your angels. Goodbye, my love, into your blue, blue eyes.
    • Baby Blue

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