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David Benjamin Keldani or Dawud Benyamin (1867 – c. 1940) was a Chaldean Catholic priest who converted to Islam and adopted the name Abd ul-Aḥad Dāwūd (Arabic: عبد الأحد داود‎).


  • Ever since the day when God revealed to Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees until the Creed and the Acts of the Council of Nicea were proclaimed and enforced by an imperial edict of Constantine amidst the horror and protests of three-fourths of the true believing members in A.D. 325, never has the Oneness of God so officially and openly been profaned by those who pretended to be His people as Constantine and his gang of the unbelieving ecclesiastic!
    • Muhammad in World Scriptures (Volume II): The Bible (1928), p. 58

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