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David Brandt Berg (February 18, 1919 – October 1, 1994), frequently known by the pseudonym Moses David, was the founder and leader of the new religious movement formerly called Children of God, now called "The Family International".


A More Sure Word of Prophecy (2 Peter 1:19)[edit]

A More Sure Word of Prophecy (2 Peter 1:19)

  • Most of today's youth seem to almost instinctively realize that they are living on borrowed time. After all, we are the first generation that has had to live with the knowledge that we could completely destroy ourselves. People want to know what to do about it, or if there is any way to avoid it or prepare for it, to survive it.
  • By what means can mortal man possibly transcend the bounds of time and peer into the future? By tuning in to God and His wonderful Word, the Bible.
  • The mate of every prophecy is its fulfillment. God's Word finds its mate in fulfilled Bible prophecy, and the ones which have already occurred and been fulfilled, foretold hundreds of years in advance, have been fulfilled. Every prophecy the Bible has uttered has been fulfilled except the ones that are yet to come, and they'll be fulfilled just as surely as the ones that have been fulfilled in the past.
  • You'll find that God's Word is specific and clear. Its prophecies tell you exactly who and where and even when. So if you've been wondering, "Where did we come from? Where are we going? What's happening?" this wonderful book, the Bible, tells you all about it, exactly what's going to happen. You don't have to worry about it; you don't have to fear. You don't have to guess at it. It's all here just as plain as can be.
  • What God has determined and prophesied, He's going to do. Whatever God has said He's going to do, He is going to do. Not one shall lack her mate. Not one prophecy shall be without fulfillment; every single one shall be fulfilled.
  • God has given man thousands of years to try to solve his own problems and run the world and bring peace and happiness, and he has brought nothing but war and misery. God has given man his chance and he has done nothing but make a mess of the world. And now, finally, man is able to destroy it. And if God did not step in and intervene in this last hour of history, man could completely destroy it and totally annihilate himself.
  • Let's face it, man is destroying himself. He's killing himself with his pollution and with his destructive nature, and if God doesn't intervene and stop it, man would eventually wipe himself off the map!
  • The Bible predicts that in the last days of man-made regimes on earth, a totally godless, anti-Christ world government will arise, led by a Devil-possessed dictator, Satan incarnate, who will bring a temporary false peace on earth and a counterfeit utopia. Its price will be enforced worship of him as the imitation Messiah. All of his subjects will be branded with a credit number in order to buy or sell or obtain food or employment, and all those who refuse to cooperate will be hunted, persecuted, and slaughtered by his commandment. This will be a time of Great Tribulation.
    This anti-Christ government of anti-Christ forces under the leadership of the Antichrist himself, this superhuman world dictator of man's last one-world godless government, will then set up its headquarters in Jerusalem, his capital, and unite all peoples of the world into a one-world worship of this demon-demagogue and his magical image which can speak.
    These startling events will immediately precede the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which is the major endtime event, the grand climax, as the Lord Himself returns and wipes out the Antichrist and his followers and sets up the last and most lasting and only perfect government the world has ever known, and "the meek shall inherit the earth" (Psalm 37:11).
  • It's wonderful to be able to read a newspaper that tells you what's going to happen--not just what's already happened. Anybody can tell you what's already happened, but the Bible tells you what's going to happen. Newspapers are not really newspapers; they're history papers. They tell you what's already happened--past news. But God has given us a lot of later news about today, the time in which we're living right now, and what's going to happen next. So the Bible is not just a history book, it's a news book. It not only tells you about yesterday, it also tells you about tomorrow.
  • For almost 2,500 years the book of Daniel has been virtually a sealed book, and it's only recently that men have begun to open the book, break the seals, and understand the prophecies and what Daniel was saying. Although they had the Bible for thousands of years, they still didn't understand endtime Bible prophecy. But now we're supposed to open the book, break the seals, and read it and understand it, because we live in the time of the end.
  • You don't have to know the future and all the marvelous details of endtime prophecy. These events will happen whether you know them or not. But it's a good thing to know and to understand these things so that you'll be able to know what's going on and what's happening, as well as be able to teach and warn others.

All Things Change, but Jesus Never[edit]

All Things Change, but Jesus Never

  • Changes in man's society always come from the bottom, not the top, because the top does not want to change; it always wants to be on top. But if they try to seal the pot to preserve the status quo, they cannot, and the pot will explode because of the fire.
  • The grandeur that was Greece shall tumble into ruins, and the glory that was Rome shall fade into oblivion, that He which is eternal may be made manifest and the beauty of His creation and the glory of His power and the eternity of His love, that He may be all and in all, that God may be glorified.
    God moves. He is a moving God. He is never still. He is always doing, going, saying, effecting change in every sphere of creation. He is never static, except for Himself.



  • It doesn't pay to say there's no Devil and no demons and no such thing as evil, sin, or sickness, and just try to ignore the facts. It would be like trying to ignore that you have a disease when you've really got it, because as long as you have it and try to hide it, you can't very well find the remedy.
  • As any military strategist knows, it's impossible to win a defensive warfare. Defensive war is doomed to defeat. To win a war, you have to launch an attack. You have to go on the offensive. You have to attack the enemy. You have to set him back on his heels. You have to take the initiative. You have to be positive. You have to attack and invade and overpower. You can't just sit there and try to ward him off while he attacks and invades, or he'll finally overpower you.
  • Whereas guerrilla forces and commando units are small, somewhat independent, and can choose the time and place of attack, with lightning strikes, and disappear as quickly as they appeared, like little David with Goliath: one little guerrilla defied a whole army; like Gideon and his little band: a bunch of guerrillas who defied a whole army; like Jonathan and his armor bearer; two more guerrillas who defied a whole army. And, boy, if you've got God with you, you're unbeatable, no matter how small you are!
  • The Children of God are launching the attack. They are on the offensive. They are invading hell's gates. The Children of God are raiding the Devil's territory, just as you do when you go out witnessing, right on the Devil's ground, right into his strongholds. You're launching the attack, you're picking its time and place. You're taking the initiative, you're overwhelming the Enemy.
  • Let's go! Attack! You can't lose. Sure, we'll have casualties. Sure, we'll have losses. Sure we'll have wounds. But we'll win, because we cannot lose. It's impossible, for God is with us. We're on the offensive. We're moving. We're attacking. We're active. We're doing something--getting things done--acting, not just talking--samples, not just sermons--activists, not just theorists--converting, changing, conquering.

Child Brides![edit]

Child Brides!

  • Isn't it ridiculous though, that it's just at the age when you need sex the most that it's the most forbidden? You can get away with masturbation somewhat when you're younger, but to have sex together with the opposite sex at the age of puberty & throughout your teens when you need it the most is virtually either forbidden or made impossible!
  • I've said before that I think the Lord must have been in favour of marriage at about 12 or 13 because you're first able to have children at that age.
  • It needs satisfaction just like any other, & you really really really get frustrated if you can't have it. You can get such guilt complexes, too, for having any. But why did the Lord make you able to have children at the age of 11, 12 & 13 if you weren't supposed to have sex then?
  • I would have fucked almost any of them. But when it came to marriage or living with somebody, that had to be the dream girl, the ideal, perfection--which is really just an imagination, because you never find anybody like that. In fact, if you did they probably wouldn't make a good wife anyhow. So, thank God for you, Sweetheart!
  • ... a lot of kids do get married at 15. I would have had my family ten years younger. Instead of starting the Revolution at 50, I would have been 40. And man, did I have a lot of sex drive at 40! Whew! I was out on the road chasing women most of the time!
  • They want to keep their children little kids all their lives. If the kids didn't insist & get up & run away from home,they might never let'm get married probably. They almost have to become independent, got their own job & leave home in order to get married. Then usually they don't marry anybody that suits their parents anyhow.
  • If kids were allowed to get married as soon as God made them physically able to get married & have children, they would be so busy working so hard taking care of kids, house & mate they wouldn't have time to even think about crime or all the other hanky-panky they get into!
    Of course they wouldn't have time for a big education either. But who the hell needs it! See, that's another reason why they don't let them get married: "Oh, you haven't finished your education yet! It's so sad! You're just going to have to take some menial job, some dumb thing & you can't make a huge salary like you could in some big highly technical job!" All of that is not of God anyhow!-Technology is destroying the Earth!
  • The so-called highly civilised culture of the West won't let them get married at that age. They prohibit them from marrying or inhibit them or make it as difficult for them as possible to get married at the age of 14 or 15, because they want to keep, them at home without having to be bothered with babies.
    They just want their own little baby & keep it a babyas long as they can in the house, until it becomes an absolute monster that they can't control, they don't know what to do with,& breaks their heart & takes drugs & runs off & has a child anyhow, & then they have an abortion! They kill the baby because the parents don't want to help take care of it or teach their children how! How horrible! It's the absolute selfishness of the so-called highly civilised Western culture! Cruelly killing babies!
  • I believe God's system is the best! He made kids able to get married & have children at 12, 13 & 14, & if you ask me, He must have known that was the best age, because then they could kind of grow up with their own kids.

My Childhood Sex!—Doin' What Comes Naturally[edit]

My Childhood Sex!—Doin' What Comes Naturally

  • I told you about my Mexican baby-sitter when I was three. I think I was in love with that little Mexican girl, she was wonderful, she really made me happy! She used to suck me to sleep for my nap every afternoon. I loved it!
  • I wasn't any little angel I was just waiting to get sucked! I had orgasms and I really enjoyed it. I always got nice and relaxed and went to sleep right after. So I got started liking sex at an early age.
  • God intended for us to get accustomed to sex long before there was any procreation or any sex or intercourse. And therefore you wouldn't be so preoccupied with it when you finally hit puberty or somewhere near there, and you wouldn't just go crazy about it. If you were already accustomed to it, there wouldn't be any big deal about it, nothing new!-- It's only natural!
  • Now Eve was kind of conservative, but I tried to natural in front of the children & not hide anything. If they'd come running through the room when we were fucking or lovemaking, she'd try to grab the sheet or something to cover up. I'd say, "Oh balony, that's ridiculous! They might as well learn now the natural way!--Why not? It's of God!"
  • My dear mother was really narrow-minded! I remember when we first got to Miami & I was only six years old: It didn't seem to matter, after years & years of telling me not to, I was still doing it!--In fact, I'm still doing it now! So she came in & caught me playing with it again!
    I suppose she thought she was going to make me so ashamed I was going to do it anymore. So she brought in the whole family, if you can imagine!--And my governess whom I didn't even like anyhow, & my brother & sister, scolding me before all!
    She brought a washbasin, a little bowl & a know & and told me she was going to cut it off! Oh I was terrified! I was absolutely petrified! I almost never forgave my mother for that, threatening to cut it off & embarrassing me in front of the family! But that didn't stop me. It felt too good to quit! I just kept it up in secret, my terrible secret sin!
  • If the Lord made it feel good at an early age, why not enjoy it? If He didn't want you to play with it at an early age, why'd He make it feel so good? He could have had those nerves not even grow up or ripen till you were old enough to get married.

Uncircumcision! To be, or not to be?[edit]

Uncircumcision! To be, or not to be?

  • Of course people who don't believe in masturbation are all for circumcision, because it's very difficult to masturbate if you're circumcised. Whereas if you're uncircumcised you can slide that skin up & down the penis & it makes it feel almost like it's inside of a woman in your fist!
  • Now it might be easier even sometimes when it's soft to get it down, but it's hard to manipulate then, if you don't have any resistance to work against. He'll probably get hard anyhow with you fooling with it! So you might as well work it hard.
    Actually, when he's big & hard & feeling good is one of the best times to do it, like when you wash it during his bath, sort of under the guise that you're trying to make him feel good, & he'll like it. Other times, if you put a little lubricant on it it's a big help. Try putting a little baby oil or vaseline on it to lubricate it real good before pulling the foreskin down. The mucous of your mouth is a good lubricant too!
  • You can urinate when you're big & hard, but it's a little difficult. The Lord made it difficult so we wouldn't urinate inside you women!

Quotes about Berg[edit]

  • Jonesin’ for sex with underage teens? What to do…what to do…? If you’re David Berg, you invoke the name of Jesus and start yourself an “end of days” Christian cult.
  • Berg decided we were all to use spoons, instead of forks. We could not use black pepper, women could not wear jeans, and men replaced their briefs with boxer shorts just because he expressed his dislike for them. Fruit and vegetables had to be soaked in salt water for 20 minutes - which made them taste awful.

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