David Brinkley

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David Brinkley

David Brinkley (July 10, 1920June 11, 2003) was an American television journalist.


  • The one function that T.V. news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if it were.
    • as cited in One Man's America (2008), George F. Will, Random House, p. 118 (Chapter 15, Lingerie and Duct Tape) : ISBN 0307407861 9780307407863 Invalid ISBN
  • Washington, D.C. is a city filled with people who believe they are important.
    • as cited in Great Political Wit: laughing (almost) all the way to the White House (2000), Bob Dole, Random House, p. 89 : ISBN 0767906675, 9780767906678
  • [Bill Clinton] has not a creative bone in his body. Therefore he is a bore and will always be a bore.[1]

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