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David Cronenberg

David Paul Cronenberg (born 15 March, 1943, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian movie director.


  • All stereotypes turn out to be true. This is a horrifying thing about life. All those things you fought against as a youth: you begin to realize they're stereotypes because they're true.

Cronenberg on Cronenberg (1997)[edit]

Published February 6th 1997 by Faber & Faber (first published January 1st 1992)

  • Everybody's a mad scientist, and life is their lab. We're all trying to experiment to find a way to live, to solve problems, to fend off madness and chaos.
    • Ch. 1, P. 7
  • I think of horror films as art, as films of confrontation. Films that make you confront aspects of your own life that are difficult to face. Just because you're making a horror film doesn't mean you can't make an artful film.
    • Ch. 4
  • Censors tend to do what only psychotics do: they confuse reality with illusion.
    • Ch. 5

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