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David Manners, from the 1932 film Crooner.

David Joseph Manners (April 30, 1900–December 23, 1998) was a Canadian-American actor.


Interview with David Manners, Scarlet Street #26 (1997)[edit]

To the Manners Born: An Interview with David Manners, Scarlet Street #26 (1997)

  • I didn't like movies. You see, in a play you become the play, because you start in the beginning and end up at the end of the script. Movies, you do little bits and you don't know where it fits in. You just do a little bit here and a little bit there and you never see the whole thing, you can never act out the whole thing. It has no unity. I would advise anybody-a kid-instead of doing pictures, get experience! Do theater! Get theater in his blood!
  • I think, to be what you are, don't take advice from other people. Find your advice in your heart. Yes, find your advice in your heart. It's yours and you keep it. And if you think it's helpful to other people... then share it. I think the things we share are very important.

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