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Miedzianik in 1996

David Christopher Miedzianik (born 24 July 1956) is a British autistic poet and author.


My Autobiography[edit]

Quoted in Grandin, Temple. "Needs of High Functioning Teenagers and Adults with Autism" (April 1990) Available Online

  • Living is more or less a constant bore.

Autism: a life history approach[edit]

Quoted in Croskin, Sarah. "Autism: a life history approach" (1 March 1997) Available Online

  • Well, there’s one thing if I’d had a job all these years, I no doubt wouldn’t have been on Yorkshire TV’s Against All Odds programme. I wouldn’t have been on Radio 4 talking about my poems.

A Season of Changes[edit]

Quoted in Rowe, Howard. "A Season of Changes" (1997)

  • Once I dreamed I'd write songs.

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