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David Revoy in December 2017.
Revoy is the creator of Pepper&Carrot and has expressed appreciation of derivative works and that other people make money from re-using the characters.

David Revoy (born in 1981 in Reims) is a French artist and the creator of the free webcomic series Pepper&Carrot.


  • Even if my main product is webcomics, I know that there's a whole generation for whom a real author is someone who makes books.
    • "Droits d'auteur : ambiance poivrée dans la BD", David Revoy, interviewed by Libération, 9 September 2016 (read online)
  • The names of the characters in Pepper & Carrot all actually follow the names of plants, herbs, and for the animals that accompany them, vegetable names. So for all the spice names, what inspired me was simply going to do my shopping at the traditional market, there are always grocers' stalls, and then I saw 'coriander', I saw 'saffron', I saw 'pepper', and there it was. There was 'poivre' but in French it sounded too much like 'poivrot'. So I said to myself "We're going to avoid 'poivrot' and 'carrot'", which didn't work very well, which is why I kept the English 'Pepper'.
  • Managing everything on this project is hard and challenging, but extremely rewarding on a personal level. Pepper&Carrot is the project of my dreams.
  • Before 2000 [and the internet], you had to pay for a book or go to exhibitions to see new artworks. And suddenly many artists were on the internet, and you could see thousands of artworks daily.
  • It's a dream come true! Every artist I know would love to make their own comics. Would love to get paid for making it, and to keep the control of it, about the stories, about the heart.
  • That was a really bad week: [I] had to spend a lot of money and my productivity was totally ruined.
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